WorldCounterTerror 2019 March 5, 2019 to March 6, 2019, London, UK

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Chairman's Opening Remarks Alistair Bunkall N/A
OPENING ADDRESS: The Changing Nature of the Terrorism Threat and the Challenges Posed to the Global Counter-terrorism Community Russell Travers Significant uncertainties, against a backdrop of terrorism fatigueIndividual threat actors, technology and the attributes of ...
KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Detecting, Deterring, and Disrupting Terror Threats to the United States Michael Mcgarrity N/A
Intelligence Centre for Counter-Terrorism and Organized Crime: Case Study of the Barcelona 2017 Terrorist attacks Major Cristina Andreu Modus operandi analysisComparison with other European terrorist actionsLessons learned
22/3 – Brussels National Airport Attack: My Personal Experiences First Devos What to do during the “golden hour”The impact of such an event on you as ...
European Counter Terrorism Centre Provision of Operational Support and Information Sharing Capabilities Peter Franciscus Van-osselaer CapabilitiesCase studiesFuture opportunities for collaboration and support
Leveraging AI led Tools to Focus and Enhance Investigations for CT Policing Supt Iain Donnelly N/A
“We cannot do this Alone” – Engaging Volunteers and the Public to Counter Terrorism Commander James Phipson N/A
Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe Consolidated Framework for the Fight against Terrorism Rasa Ostrauskaite N/A
Chairman's Closing Remarks Alistair Bunkall N/A