CANSECWEST 2019 March 20, 2019 to March 22, 2019, Vancouver, Canada

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
InfoSec Frameworks for Misinformation Sara-jayne Terp N/A
Attacking .NET through CLR Zing Shikang N/A
vs Patroklos Argyroudis N/A
PAC-Man and Ghosts: A practice and breakthrough of Pointer Authentication on iOS Xiaolong Bai , Min (spark) Zheng , And Hunter Qu N/A
Karta - a source code assisted binary matching plugin for IDA Eyal Itkin N/A
Tales from the Bug Mine: Highlights from the 2018 Android Security Bulletin Lilian Young N/A
Hacking Microcontroller Firmware Through USB Boris Larin N/A
ZigWasp: Discovery of Secret ZigBee Firmware to Accelerate Analysis Kunzhe Fu N/A
Pandora, Cassandra and Aristotle: An acient Greek Perspective on Hardware Trojans Joeseph Fitzpatrick N/A
Adversarial Examples: Using AI to Cheat AI Mengyun Tang N/A
Weaponized WPA2 Wifi Jiaheng Xie N/A
Attack Infrastructure for the Modern Red-Team Topher Leibowitz N/A
IR-dventures from the vendors basements, Circa early 2000s Luiz 'effffn' Eduardo N/A
Dangers of Using Fully Homomorphic Encryption, a look at Microsoft SEAL Zhiniang Yan N/A
Memsad: Why Clearing Secrets is Hard Ilja van Sprundel N/A
The Dwelling Place of Zero Days (Windows 10 RS4) Boris Ivanov N/A
Device Driver Debauchery and MSR Madness Ryan Harrison N/A
Dive into Windows Hello: Is it really more secure than a Password? Hyoung-kee Kim N/A
From SSRF to RCE (and Windows Credentials) Yongtao Zhang N/A