RISK2019 2019 March 20, 2019 to March 21, 2019, Lasko, Slovenia

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Virtualized app delivery and security Rodolf Schmit N/A
Achieve the desired level of trust and authenticity with a few clicks N/a N/A
Threat hunting and incident response with FireEye Jure Šimundić N/A
From Hunter to Hunted Cyber Deception Peter Glock N/A
LockPicking & LockSport Aleksandar Mirkovic N/A
Cross Domain Security. Data Guard. Ștefan Scânteie N/A
Know who to Trust. Know what to Stop. Ștefan Scânteie N/A
Forcepoint NGFW Case Study Vladan Kojanić N/A
Human-Centric Security For The Era Of Digital Transformation Ștefan Scânteie N/A
Disruptive authentication for the best user experience N/a N/A
The evolution of trust: from plastic cards to a universal mobile platform N/a N/A
The evolution of authentication from passwords to artificial intelligence N/a N/A
Rethinking Cyber Architecting to Secure the New Digital Enterprise N/a N/A
McAfee MVISION Endpoint Strategy Evolved Michiel De Lepper N/A
How to Enable Secure Cloud Transformation Tamas Barna N/A
Cyber War Stories from Adriatic Slovenica Sandi Bižal N/A
How to Perform IT Risk Assessment Evgenia Akhrameev N/A
You better make good on your (security) debt Jan Bervar N/A
Insider Threats - Monitoring, Auditing and Risk Control/Management N/a N/A
How to Investigate Data Exfiltration Attempts N/a N/A
Targeting the Hidden Attack Surface of Automation Carl Herberger N/A
The Hidden Face of the Darknet Carl Herberger N/A
IoT: New Threat Horizons Carl Herberger N/A
Kako zmagati v kibernetski vojni? Dr. Andrej Rakar , Andrej Gornik , Mag. Edvin Rustemagić , Branko Miličević , Mag. Matevž Mesojednik , Mag. Miha Ozimek N/A
Mastering The Art of Cyber Threat Intelligence N/a N/A
Hardening BIND using DNSSEC with HSMs Viktor Wiebe N/A
Providing Security creates Trust N/a N/A
Easy, Efficient, Secure Cyber Protection for All Data, Applications and Systems N/a N/A