CODASPY2019 2019 March 25, 2019 to March 25, 2019, Dallas, United States

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Security and Privacy in the IoT Elisa Bertino The Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm refers to the network of physical objects or "things" ...
Using AI to Detect Advanced Threats – Done Right Engin Kirda N/A
Developing TrustZone User Interface for Mobile OS using Delegation Integration Model Kailiang Ying , Priyank Du N/A
Understanding the Responsiveness of Mobile App Developers to Software Library Updates Takuya Watanabe , Tatsuya Mori , Mitsuaki Akiyama , Eitaro Shioji , Tatsuhiko Yasumatsu , Fumihiro Kanei N/A
ACMiner: Extraction and Analysis of Authorization Checks in Android’s Middleware William Enck , Alexandre Bartel , Eric Bodden , Adwait Nadkarni , Benjamin Andow , Sigmund Iii , Sunil Manandhar N/A
REAPER: Real-time App Analysis for Augmenting the Android Permission System Sotiris Ioannidis , Evangelos P. Markatos , Michalis Diamantaris , Jason Polakis , Elias P. Papadopoulos N/A
Verifiable Round-Robin Scheme for Smart Homes Shantanu Sharma , Nisha Panwar , Guoxi Wang , Sharad Mehrotra , Nalini Venkatasubramanian N/A
Dynamic Groups and Attribute-Based Access Control for Next-Generation Smart Car Ravi Sandhu , Maanak Gupta , James Benson , Farhan Patwa N/A
A Study of Data Store-based Home Automation Adwait Nadkarni , Kaushal Kafle , Kevin Moran , Denys Poshyvanyk , Sunil Manandhar N/A
Detection of Threats to IoT Devices Using Scalable VPN-forwarded Honeypots Nils ole Tippenhauer , Yuval Elovici , Martin Ochoa , Asaf Shabtai , Amit Tambe , Yan Lin Aung , Ragav Sridharan N/A
Deep Neural Networks Classification over Encrypted Data Hassan Takabi , Ehsan Hesamifard , Mehdi Ghasemi N/A
Attribute Compartmentation and Greedy UCC Discovery for High-Dimensional Data Anonymization Christoph Meinel , Nikolai Jannik Podlesny , Anne V.d.m. Kayem N/A
Curie: Policy-based Secure Data Exchange Patrick Mcdaniel , A. Selcuk Uluagac , Hidayet Aksu , Z. Berkay Celik , Abbas Acar , Ryan Sheatsley N/A
Result-Based Detection of Insider Threats to Relational Databases Asmaa Bertino N/A
Using AI to Detect Attacks and Manage Access Control Anupam Joshi N/A
Specification and analysis of ABAC policies via the category-based metamodel Bhavani Thuraisingham , Maribel Fernandez , Ian Mackie N/A
Results in Workflow Resiliency: Complexity, New Formulation, and ASP Encoding Philip Fong N/A
Efficient and Precise Information Flow Control for Machine Code through Demand-Driven Secure Multi-Execution Tobias F. Pfeffer , Thomas Göthel , Sabine Glesner N/A
PoLPer: Process-Aware Restriction of Over-Privileged Setuid Calls in Legacy Applications Mathias Payer , Junghwan Rhee , Zhichun Li , Chung Hwan Kim , Yuseok Jeon , Byoungyoung Wu N/A
Panel: AI + Cyber Security + Big Data Rakesh Verma , Anoop Singhal , Latifur Khan , Hongxin Hu , Cuneyt Akcora N/A
Extracting Secrets from Encrypted Virtual Machines Julian Horsch , Mathias Morbitzer , Manuel Huber N/A
Careful-Packing: A Practical and Scalable Anti-Tampering Software Protection enforced by Trusted Computing Jianying Zhou , Martin Ochoa , Flavio Toffalini , Jun Sun N/A
Behind Enemy Lines: Exploring Trusted Data Stream Processing on Untrusted Systems Adam j. Lee , Cory Thoma , Alexandros Labrinidis N/A
A Practical Intel SGX Setting for Linux Containers in the Cloud Patrick Traynor , Kevin Butler , Grant Hernandez , Dave Tian , Joseph I. Choi N/A
Limitless HTTP in an HTTPS World: Inferring the Semantics of the HTTPS Protocol without Decryption Scott Dunlop , David Mcgrew , Blake Anderson , Andrew Chi N/A
Client Diversity Factor in HTTPS Webpage Fingerprinting Hasan Kaur N/A
Adversarial Author Attribution in Open-source Projects Natalia Stakhanova , Mila Dalla Preda , Alina Matyukhina , Celine Perley N/A
Understanding and Predicting Private Interactions in Underground Forums Adam Doupe , Gail-joon Ahn , Ziming Zhao , Tiffany Bao , Zhibo Sun , Carlos E. Rubio-medrano N/A
BootKeeper: Validating Software Integrity Properties on Boot Firmware Images Christopher Kruegel , Giovanni Vigna , Danilo Bruschi , Ruoyu Wang , Yan Shoshitaishvili , Andrea Lanzi , Christophe Hauser , Stefano Cristalli , Ronny Chevalier N/A
MimosaFTL: Adding Secure and Practical Ransomware Defense Strategy to Flash Translation Layer Peng Liu , Bo Chen , Peiying Wang , Shijie Jia , Luning Xia N/A
BlAnC: Blockchain-based Anonymous and Decentralized Credit Networks Roopa Vishwanathan , Gaurav Panwar , Satyajayant Misra N/A