BSidesCharm2019 2019 April 27, 2019 to April 28, 2019, Baltimore, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote: On Being a Citizen Hacker Matt Blaze N/A
Embrace the Red: Enhancing detection capabilities with adversary simulation Mauricio N/A
I’ll Complete My Threat Model Later Mom!: Infosec in Middle School Ashley Benitez Smith N/A
Cleaning the Apple Orchard - Using Venator to Detect macOS Compromise Richie Cyrus N/A
It's Malware Time - A Bar Crawl from Skunked Homebrew to Rotten Apples Erika Noerenberg N/A
Anatomy & Evolution of a Fast Flux Malware Campaign Emily Crose N/A
Reasonable Rapid Recognition and Response to Rogues Craig Bowser N/A
COM Under The Radar: Circumventing Application Control Solutions Jimmy Bayne N/A
On The Line: What Phishing Really Impacts Steven Becker N/A
Automated Adversary Emulation David Hunt N/A
Comparing Malicious Files Robert Simmons N/A
How to Start a Cyber War: Lessons from Brussels Chris Kubecka N/A
You Moved to Office 365, Now What? Sean Metcalf N/A
You’re Not as Safe as You Think: Clearing Up Common Security Misconceptions Joshua Meyer N/A
Getting Started with Threat Hunting in your Databases Kat Edrington N/A
Defense in Depth Against DDoS Diminishes Dollars Destroyed Daniel Gordon N/A
Yes, Bash Can Get Uglier: Using Bashfuscator to Generate Complex, Layered Bash Obfuscation Andrew Lefevre N/A
Exploring Community Volunteering Through a Career Development Lens Kathleen Munro N/A
BloodHound From Red to Blue Mathieu Saulnier N/A
A Code Pirate's Cutlass: Recovering Software Architecture from Embedded Binaries Evm N/A
Choose your own adventure: hacking the cybersecurity profession Brian Andrzejewski N/A
Technical Leadership: It’s Not All Ones and Zeros Timothy Schulz N/A
Hunting for Threats in Industrial Environments and Other Scary Places Nick Seitz N/A
More Tales From the Crypt...Analyst Jeffrey Man N/A
J-J-J-JEA Power James Honeycutt N/A
What did the SIEM See? Shawn Presmy N/A