C2SI 2019 April 22, 2019 to April 24, 2019, Rabat, Morocco

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
On the Tracing Traitors Math, Dedicated to the memory of Bob Blakley - pioneer of digital fingerprinting and inventor of secret sharing Grigory Kabatiansky N/A
Reusable Garbled Turing Machines without FHE Yongge Malluhi N/A
Privacy Preserving Auctions on top of Ethereum Amr M. Youssef N/A
An Extension of Formal Analysis Method with Reasoning: A Case Study of Flaw Detection for Non-repudiation and Fairness Yating Wang , Jingchen Yan , Yuichi Cheng N/A
Arabic Cryptography and Steganography in Morocco Abdelmalek Azizi N/A
Practical and Insider Secure Signcryption with Non--Interactive Non--Repudiation Augustin P. Sarr , Papa Ngareno N/A
Efficient Proactive Secret Sharing for Large Data via Concise Vector Commitments Matthias Geihs , Lucas Buchmann N/A
Secret Sharing using Near-MDS Codes Sanyam Mehta , Vishal Sen N/A
On good polynomials over finite fields for optimal locally recoverable codes Sihem Mesnager N/A
A New Gabidulin-like Code and its Application in Cryptography Terry Tan N/A
Perfect and Hamming and Simplex Linear Error-Block Codes with Minimum $ pi $-distance 3 Soukaina Belabssir , Edoukou Souidi N/A
Quasi-Dyadic Girault Identification Scheme Brice Odilon Boidje , Cheikh Thiecoumba Gueye , Gilbert Klamti N/A
Securely aggregating testimonies with Threshold Multi-key textsf{FHE Gerald Bonnevay N/A
Improved Efficiency of a Linearly Homomorphic Cryptosystem Parthasarathi Das , Michael Scheidler N/A
Analysis of Neural Network Training and Cost Functions Impact on the Accuracy of IDS and SIEM Systems Said El Hajji , Nabil Orhanou N/A
Managing Your Kleptographic Subscription Plan George Seleanu N/A
Model Checking Speculation-Dependent Security Properties: Abstracting and Reducing Processor Models for Sound and Complete Verification Gianpiero Cabodi , Paolo Camurati , Fabrizio Vendraminetto N/A
On Plateaued Functions and Linear Structures and Permutation Polynomials Sihem Mesnager , Kübra Özbudak N/A
Faster Scalar Multiplication on the $x$-line: Three-dimensional GLV Method with Three-dimensional Differential Addition Chains Hairong Yi , Guiwen Lin N/A
An AEAD variant of the Grain stream cipher Thomas Johansson , Willi Meier , Martin Hell , Jonathan Yoshida N/A
Construction for a Nominative Signature Scheme from Lattice with Enhanced Security Meenakshi Kansal , Ratna Mukhopadhyay N/A
Reinterpreting and Improving the Cryptanalysis of the Flash Player PRNG George Teceleanu N/A
A Key Exchange Based on the Short Integer Solution Problem and the Learning with Errors Problem Jintai Ding , Kevin Zhang N/A
Non-Interactive Zero Knowledge { em Proofs in the Random Oracle Model Vincenzo Visconti N/A
From Quadratic Functions to Polynomials: Generic Functional Encryption from Standard Assumptions Jun Zhang , Linru Zhang , Yuechen Chen , Meiqi Yiu N/A