FSC6thEdition 2019 April 9, 2019 to April 10, 2019, Geneva, Switzerland

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
“Economic opportunities for Geneva in the area of IT security”. Michael Kleiner N/A
Keynote: “Paths towards next- generation international IT security standards and certifications for sensitive human communications and transactions” Marco Obiso N/A
“The 4 Challenges of Free and Safe in Cyberspace.“ Rufo Guerreschi N/A
Challenge A: How can we build and certify IT systems that are radically more secure than state-of-the-art for human communications and transactions? Marco Obiso , Luca Benini , Manuela Troncoso , Reinhard Posch , Solange Ghernaouti. How can we provide ordinary citizens access to affordable and user-friendly IT services with levels ...
Keynote: “Towards ultra-high assurance IT for human computing” Gerhard Knecht N/A
Intro to Challenge B by the Trustless Computing Association. N/a N/A
Challenge B: If we can solve Challenge A, how can we concurrently solidly ensure legitimate lawful access to prevent grave crimes and enable its sustainable adoption? Michel Jaccard , Hoten T’ Wouter , Caroline Portal , Antoine Clerget , Bernard Tavernier. Can providers of ultra-high assurance* IT reliably offer compliance mechanisms to legitimate lawful access requests ...
Rufo Guerreschi None
Keynote: “Core challenge to raise the actual and perceived trustlessness and trustworthiness of blockchains in the banking sector" Daniel Haudenschild N/A
Keynote: “Challenges of AI safety and resilience: the role of technical and socio-technical technical breakthroughs, of adequate certification bodies and transnational governance” Roman Yampolskiy N/A
“Introduction to Panels 1 and 2: wealth management and client-side cybersecurity” Rufo Guerreschi N/A
Keynote: “Trends and developments in the global WealthTech landscape and the relative importance and focus on their security” Stephen Wall N/A
Panel 1: IT security & wealth management: threats and opportunities Stephen Wall , Eldo Mabiala , Tony Zeiger , Solange Gherbouti Hackers and data breaches are part of the daily news. But bulk of cybercrime is ...
“Threats and opportunities of client-side security in the banking sector” Spephane Nappo N/A
Panel 2: Client-side IT & wealth management: an opportunity to become clients' digital trust provider and digital confidant? Rufo Guerreschi , Eldo Mabiala , Emmanuelle Tzanos , Tony Zeiger. Cyber in the financial World done correctly can open doors to new and amazing opportunity; ...
“Introduction to Free and Safe in Cyberspace – Challenges C and D” Rufo Guerreschi N/A
Christian "RaDMan" Wirth , Leila Delarive , Stuart Armstrong , Tim Llewellynn. None
Keynote: “Can blockchain technology become market-ready, trustworthy and GDPR-compliant through standardisation?” Wirth N/A
Keynote: “Can law harness the tech (r)evolution?” Leila Delarive N/A
Paul Wang , Philippe Thevoz , Michael Kolain , Jorn Erbguth. None
“Novel risk-based instruments of the GDPR – How to create trust through legal informatics” Kolain N/A
Keynote: “How can a coalition of actors promote the establishment of adequate global AI governance by exiting the current semi-anarchic default condition.” Stuart Armstrong N/A
Keynote: “The history of the fight for a federal global government: from Garry Davis in 1945 all the way to the needs of global AI regulation” Troy Davis N/A
“Need, challenges and scenarios of global governance of AI ” Jaan Talliin N/A
Rufo Guerreschi , Leila Delarive , Stuart Armstrong , Lennig Pedron None
Can the all-powerful threats of AI and cybersecurity provide the needed motivation to build adequate open federal transnational democratic institutions, as the nuclear threat nearly did in 1945? Rufo Guerreschi Can the threats (and opportunities) of the accelerating pace AI and the destabilizing effect of ...