BSidesScotland 2019 March 26, 2019 to March 26, 2019, Edinburgh, Scotland

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
N/A Todd Renner N/A
We Take Your Security Seriously (Or Do We?) The Beer Farmers N/A
May the setenforce be with you! Sanja Bonic N/A
Building a Personal Data Focused Incident Response Plan to Address Breach Notification Thomas Fischer N/A
Using Natural Language Processing Techniques to Crack Passwords Robin Vickery N/A
The top 10 devices found in UK homes, No. 6 is so dull, I'll probably not mention it Callum Wilson N/A
Security Enablement Sean Wright N/A
A Deep Dark Dive Into Security and Risk Dr Zbigniew Kwecka N/A
For Crying Out Cloud Stu Norris N/A GDPR for Devs Magda de JagerN/AN/AN/A
Powershell is DEAD – Epic Learnings! Ben Mcleod N/A
Closing Keynote Chris Sutherland Ing N/A