EC2ND 2009 Oct. 28, 2009 to Oct. 29, 2009, Germany

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome Gian Antonio Magnani , Stefano Zanero None Security
Gone Rogue: An Analysis Of Rogue Security Software Campaigns (Invited Talk) Marco Cova None Security
Racewalk: Fast Instruction Frequency Analysis And Classification For Shellcode Detection In Network Flow Dennis Gamayunov , Nguyen Quan , Fedor Sakharov , Edward Toroshchin None Security
Walowdac Analysis Of A Peer-To-Peer Botnet Felix C. Freiling , Ben Stock , Jan Goebel , Markus Engelberth , Thorsten Holz Security
Effectiveness Metrics For Intrusion Detection In Wireless Sensor Networks Andriy Stetsko , Vashek Matyas None Security
Short Paper: The Dorothy Project: An Open Botnet Analysis Framework For Automatic Tracking And Activity Visualization Marco Cremonini , Marco Riccardi None Security
Visualization And Explanation Of Payload-Based Anomaly Detection Konrad Rieck , Pavel Laskov None Security
Integrated Detection Of Attacks Against Browsers, Web Applications And Databases Stefano Zanero , Claudio Criscione , Federico Maggi , Guido Salvaneschi None Security
Self-Routing Denial-Of-Service Resistant Capabilities Using In-Packet Bloom Filters Pekka Nikander , Christian Esteve Rothenberg , Petri Jokela , Mikko Sarela , Jukka Ylitalo None Security
Short Paper: Enhanced Sim (Esim): A Proposal For Mobile Security Giuseppe Paterno None Security