QuBitConferencePrague 2019 April 10, 2019 to April 11, 2019, Prague, Czech Republic

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Keynote: Case study: Nation State Attack APT10 – Operation Cloud Hopper Ondrej Gobin N/A
Solution center Opening - Lightning talks N/a N/A
Cryptocurrencies: 10 years later Jarek Jakubcek N/A
Big Data in the service of Czech GovCERT Ladislav Straka N/A
Defensive deception - a hole as a security control Alex Lozikoff N/A
How to Test Artificial Intelligence? Can artificial intelligence cheat us? Marek Kopriva N/A
We Pass the Costs to You! An analysis of Cryptomining and Cryptojacking Josh Pyorre N/A
Machine learning on the field of Threat Hunting Gergo Gyebnar N/A
Securing Online Transactions on the Edge Chris Adam N/A
FIRE CHAT John Franchi N/A
Future of security technologies panel discussion Michal Dovicovic N/A
Evil Qubits - The Threat of Quantum Cryptanalysis Explained Tomas Rosa N/A
Don’t Acquire Your Next Breach: Managing the Vendor Risk Lifecycle Linda Thielova N/A
Cybercriminal’s mind - The anatomy of a targeted attack Jiri Vanek N/A
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Millions of Security Alerts Nadav Avital N/A
The Role and Mission of Government in Cyber security panel discussion Laurent 'kabel' Weber , Viktor Paggio , Rastislav Janota N/A
Hit me baby one more time - story of an ordinary spamtrap Boris Mutina N/A
Closing Keynote: Life is a breach – what’s next? Peter Beres N/A
Ghost Hunting Opening Keynote Peter Jr. N/A
From the Lab to Nmap: How the OSSTMM cut the distance between Science and Cyber Security Rem Elnahas N/A
Friend or foe? Peter Kosinar N/A
Using Big Data technologies to improve SIEM scalability Gabriela Niedermeier N/A
The Cyber Forensics Lab Evidence Review: Cryptocurrency 80 Million Hack and SamSam Ransomware Ring Case study Ondrej Gobin N/A
Mobile Health applications and privacy Zuzana Cich Hecko N/A
Securing the virtualized world Jan Marek N/A
CISO role in Enterprise panel discussion Charles Tango , Ondrej Bona , Petr Chlumsky , Pavol Dovicovic N/A
CISO and DPO–allies or enemies A story on combining cybersecurity and dataprotection in the evolving threat landscape Mauriche Kroos N/A
Chaos vs. Complexity: The impact on data protection norms around the world Eduard Goodman N/A
Cybersecurity and Blockchains - Are blockchains secure? Maximizing the potential of blockchains and Emerging Tech Adewale O Omoniyi N/A
Breaking the silence - cyber insurance Rozalie Ryclova N/A
Security Intelligence - Security Automation Roman Cupka N/A
Women in Technology, Privacy, Risk and Cyber panel discussion Linda Thielova , Jenny Boneva , Alexandra Dorcakova , Katarina Rolna , Marianna Belyavskiy , Eva Skornickova N/A