IEEEBigDataSecurity2019 2019 May 27, 2019 to May 29, 2019, Washington, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Data Security and Privacy in the IoT Prof. Elisa Bertino The Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm refers to the network of physical objects or "things" ...
Big Data Stream Analytics and Its Applications Prof. Latifur Khan Data streams are continuous flows of data. Examples of data streams include network traffic, sensor ...
Towards An Automated Semantically Rich Framework for Big Data Compliance Prof. Joshi Big data analytics related to consumer behavior, market analysis, opinions, and recommendation often deal with ...
Vulnerabilities in Internet of Things (IoT) Application Security Arjun Shakdher , Suyash Yang N/A
The Impact of Code Smells on Software Security Abdul Cerny N/A
A Big Data Storage Scheme Based on Distributed Storage Locations and Multiple Authorizations Zeyad Al-odat , Eman Khan N/A
Anomaly Detection Models for Smart Home Security Anupam Joshi , Sowmya Ramapatruni , Sandeep Narayanan , Sudip Mittal N/A
Using healthcare authority and patient blockchains to develop a tamper proof, permission tracking system while improving record and permission redundancy Uttkarsh Goel , Ron Zavarsky N/A
An Anonymous Mutual Authentication and Key Agreement Scheme in WBAN Xiangwi Meng , Jianbo Liang N/A
Blockchain – Can it solve the security issues and fraud expenses for credit card commerce? Kevin Chen N/A
Streaming machine learning for real-time gas concentration prediction Haibo Wu , Shiliang Nian N/A
A Policy based Framework for Privacy-Respecting Deep Packet Inspection of High Velocity Network Traffic Arya Renjan , Sandeep Joshi N/A
An Analysis of Differential Privacy Research in Big Location Data Fatima Liu N/A
Predicting Network Attacks with CNN by Constructing Images from NetFlow Data Xiang Liu , Ziyang Yang N/A
Privacy-Preserving Predictive Model Using Factor Analysis for Neuroscience Applications Suprateek Suthaharan N/A
Yongze Sun , Zhonghua Wang None
Intelligent Intrusion Detection System Using Feature Selection and Machine Learning Areej Alsaafin , Nafisa Ahmed , Feda Abbas N/A
Implementation of Markowitz Mean-Variance Model Based on Matrix-Valued Factor Algorithm Yongze Sun , Shouyan Du , Yonghong Lu N/A
Privacy Protection Oriented Video Data Hiding Method Si Liu , Yunxia Liu , Cong Hongguo N/A
Transfer Learning for Speech Emotion Recognition Zhijie Han , Huijuan Wang N/A
The Research on Process Model of Automatic Generation of Political News Event Reports Biao Wang , Junrui Yu , Shun Bai N/A
A classification method of ancient ceramics based on support vector machine in ceramic cloud service platform Yang Huang N/A
An Incentive Mechanism Using Shapley Value for Blockchain-based Medical Data Sharing Liehuang Zhu , Hui Dong , Meng Gai N/A
Data-driven Uncertain Modeling and Optimization Approach for Heterogeneous Network Systems Hao Wu , Hai Wang N/A
Classification of Base Station Time Series Based on Weighted Adjustable-parameter LPVG Luqi Li , Hao Nai N/A
Concentration determination of ternary mixtures in water using ultraviolet spectrophotometry and artificial neural networks Angxin Tong , Xiaojun Tang , Feng Zhang , Bin Wang , Wei Xi N/A
Using least squares support vector machine and polynomial partial least squares method quantitative analysis of gases in mines Angxin Tong , Xiaojun Tang , Feng Zhang , Bin Wang , Leilei Qiu N/A
Research on 3D interactive model selection and customization of ceramic products based on big data cloud service platform Hua Zhang , Kaihua Hu N/A
High Performance Data Encryption with AES Implementation on FPGA Wei Li , Shuang Chen N/A
Attack Models for Big Data Platform Hadoop Ningwei Li , Hang Gao , Liang Liu , Fan Wang N/A
Research on cloud workflow engine supporting three-level isolation and privacy protection Hua Huang , Yi-lai Zhang N/A
Time series identification method for extracting structural feature Han Jiang N/A
Point-of-Interest Recommendation Algorithm Based on Activity and Geographical Behavior Xin Li , Xiaoyun Yu , Jidong Gai N/A
Imbalanced Data Gravitation Classification Model Using For Internet Video Traffic Identification Teng Anqi , Peng Lizhi , Xie Yuxi , Zhang Zhenxiang N/A
A New Multilevel Circuit Partitioning Algorithm Based on the Improved KL Algorithm Wei Li , Xia Lei N/A
A Short Review of Age and Gender Classification based on Speech Huijuan Wang N/A
Speech Emotion Recognition based on Multi-Task Learning Zhijie Wang , Huijuan Zhao N/A
A Summary of Hamiltonian Based on Data Center Network Structure Xiaoyu Du , Zhijie Huangfu N/A
On the Large-scale Traffic DDoS Threat of Space Backbone Network Di Shi N/A
Designing Security System for IoT Dr Nandita Sengupta N/A
Exploring The Effect of growth E- Entrepreneurship on Women Household Income in Jordan Hanady Alzagheer N/A
Is Public cloud computing adoption a strategic move for all the enterprises? Wajid Hassan N/A
Raw Cardinality Information Discovery for Big Datasets Deepak Kumar N/A
mproving Energy Efficiency of Hadoop Clusters using Approximate Computing Yi Zhou , Shubbhi Taneja , Ajit I N/A
A New Framework for Network Flow Queuing Delay Prediction Based on Stream Computing Jing Jiang , Yu Feng , Yue Pan , Bo Zhu , Yuchuan Deng N/A
Distributed Parameter Optimization Scheduling Strategy and System Design Based on Mesos Yongze Sun , Shuo Li , Zhonghua Lu , Sungen Niu N/A
Perspectives on Anomaly and Event Detection in Exascale Systems Gabriel Petcu N/A
Scalable Data Reporting Platform for A/B Tests Deepak Kumar Vasthimal , Pavan Akkinapalli N/A
Hybrid Route Recommender System for Smarter Logistics Grieshma Unnikrishnan , Bijoy Arvind N/A
Handoff mechanism considering growth benefit for LEO Satellite and Terrestrial Hybrid Network Jing Jiang , Zhaojun Wang , Jiaxin Huang , Sisi Gong N/A
Architecture of Cyber-Physical Systems Based on Cloud Shaojie Luo , Lichen Guo N/A
Automated Verbal-Pattern Extraction from Political News Articles using CAMEO Event Coding Ontology Erick Skorupa Parolin , Sayeed Khan N/A
An Anomaly Detection Technique for Deception Attacks in Industrial Control Systems Fiza Abdul Rahim , Abdul Rahim Ahmad , Roslan Ismail , Ramona Ramli , Asmidar Abu Bakar , Busyra Mohd Yusof , Mohd Mahdi N/A
ICS-CRAT: A Cyber Resilience Assessment Tool for Industrial Control Systems Md Ariful Haque , Sachin Krishnappa N/A
Efficient Implementation of 2D Barcode Verification Algorithm for IoT Applications Fiza Abdul Rahim , Abbas Al-ghaili , Feninferina Kasim N/A
A fast and efficient datapath designs of lightweight cipher RoadRunneR for resource constrained environments Gaurav Pachange N/A
DeepVCM: a Deep Learning Based Intrusion Detection Method in VANET Vehicular Communication Module Jian Liu , Yi Zeng , Meikang Qiu , Dan Zhu , Zhihao Xue N/A
Capturing Real World Derived Information Relevancies In XML Shu Peng N/A
A novel intrusion detector based on deep learning hybrid methods Shizhao Wang , Chunhe Wang N/A
A Comparative Study of Data Anonymization Techniques Fiza Abdul Rahim , Asmidar Ramli N/A
A Survey on Deception Techniques for Securing Web Application Fiza Abdul Rahim , Zul-azri Zawawi N/A