ACNS 2019 June 5, 2019 to June 7, 2019, Bogota, Colombia

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Rate-Optimizing Compilers for Continuously Non-Malleable Codes Sandro Coretti , Daniele Venturi , Antonio Faonio N/A
Re: What’s up Johnny? — Covert Content Attacks on Email End-to-End Encryption Damian Poddebniak , Jens Müller , Marcus Brinkmann , Sebastian Schwenk N/A
Cryptanalysis of ForkAES Stefan Lucks , Eik List , Willi Meier , Subhadeep Banik , Jannis Bossert , Amit Jana , Mostafizar Rahman , Dhiman Sasaki N/A
Short Lattice-based One-out-of-Many Proofs and Applications to Ring Signatures Joseph Liu , Ron Steinfeld , Muhammed F. Esgin , Amin Sakzad N/A
Hierarchical Attribute-based Signatures: Short Keys and Optimal Signature Length Daniel Manulis N/A
Raptor: A Practical Lattice-Based (Linkable) Ring Signature Xingye Lu , Man Zhang N/A
Parallelizable MACs Based on the Sum of PRPs with Security Beyond the Birthday Bound Alexander List N/A
DynOpVm: VM-based Software Obfuscation with Dynamic Opcode Mapping Yan Lin , Xiaoyang Cheng , Debin Jia N/A
Hide and Seek: An Architecture for Improving Attack Visibility in Industrial Control Systems Jairo Giraldo , David Urbina , Alvaro Tippenhauer N/A
A Modular Hybrid Learning Approach for Black-Box Security Testing of CPS John Zhou N/A
PassGAN: A Deep Learning Approach for Password Guessing Paolo Gasti , Briland Hitaj , Giuseppe Perez-cruz N/A
Public Immunization against Complete Subversion without Random Oracles Giuseppe Ateniese , Danilo Francati , Bernardo Venturi N/A
Strong Leakage and tamper-resilient Public Key Encryption from Refined Hash Proof Systems Dawu Gu , Man ho Au , Yu David Liu , Shi-feng Sun , Shuai Han N/A
Title: Towards Secure High-Performance Computer Architectures Prof. Srini Devadas Recent work has shown that architectural isolation can be violated through software side channel attacks ...
Faster multiplication in $mathbb{Z}_{2^m}[x]$ on Cortex-M4 to speed up NIST PQC candidates Matthias J. Kannwischer , Joost Schwabe N/A
Generic and Practical Key Establishment from Lattice Zhengzhong Zhao N/A
One Sample Ring-LWE with Rounding and its Application to Key Exchange Jintai Ding , Xinwei Gao , Tsuyoshi Wang N/A
Masking Dilithium: Efficient Implementation and Side-Channel Evaluation Benoît Gérard , Vincent Migliore , Mehdi Fouque N/A
Proxy Re-Encryption and Re-Signatures from Lattices Xiong Liu N/A
DL-Extractable UC-Commitment Schemes Helger Lipmaa , Behzad Abdolmaleki , Karim Baghery , Janno Zajac N/A
A New Encoding Framework for Predicate Encryption with Non-Linear Structures in Prime Order Groups Willy Susilo , Fuchun Guo , Jongkil Kim , Joonsang Li N/A
Unbounded Inner-Product Functional Encryption with Succinct Keys Edouard Pointcheval N/A
Password-Authenticated Public-Key Encryption Stanislaw Jarecki , Jan Camenisch , Anja Lehmann , Tatiana Bradley , Gregory Xu N/A
Uncle-Block Attack: Blockchain Mining Threat Beyond Block Withholding for Rational and Uncooperative Miners Sang-yoon Chang , Younghee Park , Simeon Chen N/A
Longitudinal Analysis of Misuse of Bitcoin Karim Eldefrawy , Ashish Matton N/A
Keynote: Foundational Aspects of Blockchain Protocols Prof. Juan Garay Decentralized cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have ignited much excitement, not only for their novel realization ...
Benchmarking Privacy Preserving Scientific Operations Abdelrahaman Smart N/A
Turbospeedz: Double Your Online SPDZ! Improving SPDZ using Function Dependent Preprocessing Aner Ben Efraim , Michael Omri N/A
pRate: Anonymous Star Rating with Rating Secrecy Jia Manulis N/A
Masking Fuzzy-Searchable Public Databases Alexandra Boldyreva , Tianxin Warinschi N/A
Homomorphic Training of 30,000 Logistic Regression Models Shai Halevi , Flavio Bergamaschi , Tzipora Hunt N/A