ISDFS 2019 June 10, 2019 to June 12, 2019, Barcelos, Portugal

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Speech Prof. Cooper "Distributed Ledgers as a Support System for Digital Evidence Management"
Augmenting Gabor-based Face Recognition with Global Soft Biometrics Emad Sami Jaha N/A
Analysis of Malware Hidden Behind Firewalls with Back Scans Zhiqing Zhang* , Hiroshi Esaki , Hideya Ochiai N/A
User Profiling Based on Application-Level Using Network Metadata Nathan Clarke , Faisal Shaman* , Bogdan Ghita , Abdulrahman Alruban N/A
Enhancing security of SDN focusing on control plane and data plane Barbora Čelesová , Jozef Vaľko , Rudolf Grežo , Pavol Helebrandt* N/A
A Survey On Backbone Attack Ebu Yusuf Güven* , Mehmet Yavuz Yağcı , Ali Boyacı , Serhan Yarkan , Muhammet Ali Aydın N/A
A Research on Security Vulnerabilities in Online and Mobile Banking Systems Nilay Yıldırım* , Asaf Varol N/A
A Review Paper on Cryptography Abdalbasit Mohammed Qadir , Nurhayat Varol* N/A
A New Model for Creating Layer Planes Using Steganography for Text Hiding Asaf Varol , Shalaw Mshir* N/A
Application of Similarity-Based Image Steganography Method to Computerized Tomography Images Songül Karakuş* , Engin Avcı N/A
Review of Chaotic Based S-Box Structures Ayşe Cengiz , Derya Avcı* N/A
A Novel Hybrid Image Encryption Algorithm Based on Data Compression and Chaotic Key Planning Algorithms Yücel Bürhan , Fırat Artuğer , Fatih Özkaynak* N/A
A Statistical Modulation Type Identifier for Remote Keyless Entry Transmitters Based on Extended Energy Detector Ali Boyacı , Serhan Yarkan , Muhammet Ali Aydın , Özgür Alaca* N/A
Performance Comparison of New Fast Weighted Naïve Bayes Classifier with Other Bayes Classifiers Gamzepelin Aksoy , Murat Karabatak* N/A
Comparison of Zigbee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth Wireless Technologies Used in Home Automation Asaf Varol , Salim Jibrin Danbatta* N/A
Parameter space dimension reduction for multidimensional signals differential pulse-code modulation interpolator Aleksey Maksimov* , Mikhail Gashnikov N/A
Multidimensional signal interpolation based on parametric space dimension reduction Mikhail Gashnikov* N/A
Image and Video Processing Applications Using Xilinx System Generator Sertaç Yaman , Merve Yıldırım* , Bircan Kamışlıoğlu , Yavuz Erol , Hasan Kürüm N/A
Chaotic Analysis of Radon Gas (222Rn) measurements in Lesvos Island: Detrended Fluctuation Analysis (DFA) Miraç Kamışlıoğlu* , Feride Kulalı N/A
Speculative Execution Attack Methodologies(SEAM) : An overview and component modelling of Spectre, Meltdown and Foreshadow attack methods Andrew Johnson* , Ross Davies N/A
Analysis of Realistic Attack Scenarios in Vehicle Ad-hoc Networks Jan Lastinec* , Mario Keszeli N/A
An Integrated Framework to Examine Mobile Users’ Pathway from Threat Cognition to Action Noushin Ashrafi , Daniel Lee , Jean-pierre Kuilboer* , G. Cristoph Schütz N/A
A Security-Enhanced Interoperability Middleware for the Internet of Things Bela Genge , Piroska Haller , Hunor Sándor* , Andrei Bica N/A
Human vs Bots: Detecting Human Attacks in a Honeypot Environment Masooda Bashir , Shreya Udhani* N/A
Electronic Datas and Forgery of Documents Offenses Ihsan Baştürk* , Çetin Arslan N/A
Android Mobile Device Forensics: A Review Cihan Varol , Hussein Alsaadawi* N/A
Continuous Authentication Based on User Interaction Behavior Long Chen , Yi Zhong* , Weidong Ai , Difang Zhang N/A
Predicting Stealthy Watermarks in Files Using Deep Learning James Jones , Hang Liu , Maha F Sabir* , Alex V Mbaziira N/A
Experience of Incorporating NIST Standards in a Digital Forensics Curricula Sankardas Roy* , Yan Wu , Kristina N. Lavenia N/A
Problems and Prospects of Anti-Theft and Mobile Phone Tracking: A Case in Nigeria Cihan Varol , Iliyasu Yahaya Adam , Asaf Varol* N/A
Thwarting C2 Communication of DGA-Based Malware using Process-level DNS Traffic Tracking Anjali Menon* N/A
Determining the Effectiveness of Data Remanence Prevention in the Aws Cloud Bradley Lee Snyder , James H. Jones* N/A
Predicting Daily Activities Effectiveness Using Base-level and Meta level Classifiers Shadi Banitaan , Mohammad Akour* , Hiba Alsghaier , Khalid Al Radaideh N/A
New Trends in Speech Emotion Recognition Asaf Varol , Yeşim Ülgen Sönmez* N/A
Capacity of Adaptive Free Space Optical Transmission over Malaga Turbulence with Pointing Error using Truncated Channel Inversion Dejan Milić , Marko Smilić , Bojana Nikolić , Eva Tuba* , Petar Spalević N/A
Measuring the effects of emojis on Turkish context in sentiment analysis Çağatay Ünal Yurtöz , Ismail Burak Parlak* N/A
Feature Extraction of ECG Signal by using Deep Feature Engin Avcı , Aykut Diker* N/A
Prototype of a paranoid mobile operating system distribution Nuno Mateus Coelho , Miguel Peixoto , Maria Cunha* N/A
An Expert System to Predict Warfarin Dosage in Turkish Patients Depending on Genetic and Non-Genetic Factors Osman Altay , Mustafa Ulas* , Mahmut Ozer , Ece Genc N/A
Keynote Speech: "Cyber Security and Big Data Issues in Turkey" Prof. Sağiroğlu N/A
Keynote Speech: "Information Security Challenges – A Paranoid Operative System Perspective" Dr. Coelho N/A
SmartThings Event Export using SmartApps Jose Garcia , Cihan Varol* N/A
Overview of machine learning methods for Android malware identification Ana Almeida , João Lopes , Carlos Serrão* , Luís Nunes , João Oliveira N/A
Legal and Technical Aspects of Web Forensics Asaf Varol , Yeşim Ülgen Sönmez* N/A
A Four-Step Method for Investigating Network Worm Propagation Tala Tafazzoli* , Babak Sadeghiyan N/A
Face Verification and Recognition for Digital Forensics and Information Security Giuseppe Amato , Fabrizio Falchi , Claudio Gennaro , Fabio Valerio Massoli , Nikolaos Passalis , Anastasios Tefas , Alessandro Trivillini , Claudio Vairo* N/A
Semi-Fragile Watermarking for JPEG Image Authentication: A Comparative Study Anna Egorova* , Victor Fedoseev N/A
Defending Against Cyber-Attacks on the Internet of Things Ghazi Abdalla Abdalrahman* , Hacer Varol N/A
SCADA Testbed for Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing and Incident Forensics Sundar Krishnan* , Mingkui Wei N/A
Securing Database Management Systems using RAM Serial Numbers Sapan Noori Azeez* , Serkan Varol N/A
A Trust Management Model for IoT Serkan Varol , Ahmed Abdlrazaq* N/A
Security Enhancement in Storage Area Network Souheil Chukry , Hassan Sbeyti* N/A
A Stenography Application for Hiding Student Information into an Image Murat Karabatak* , Yıldıray Yiğit N/A
Advantages to Disadvantages of Cloud Computing for Small-Sized Business Asaf Varol , Peshraw Ahmed Abdalla* N/A
Information Security Awareness of School Administrators Songül Karabatak* , Murat Karabatak N/A
Clustering Algorithm Optimized by Brain Storm Optimization for Digital Image Segmentation Eva Tuba* , Raka Jovanovic , Dejan Zivkovic , Marko Beko , Milan Tuba N/A
Circle Map for Internet of Things Networks Bela Genge , Peter Szabo* N/A
A Comparative Study of COAP and MQTT Communication Protocols Hassan Sbeyti* , Samer Hamdani N/A
Temperature Estimation with Time Series Analysis from Air Quality Data Set Murat Karabatak , Zeynep Özpolat* N/A
Performance Comparison of Classification Algorithms for The Diagnosis of Mastitis Disease in Dairy Animals Erkan Tanyıldızı , Gökçe Yıldırım* N/A
A Target Tracking Application On Mobese Videos Murat Karabatak , Sevinç Ay* N/A
A New Approach for Exiting from Parking Lot based on Artificial Neural Network Murat Karabatak , Halil Öztürk , Sevginur Teke* N/A