Metricon 1 July 30, 2006 to July 30, 2006, Washington DC, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote: Resolved: Metrics Are Nifty Andrew Jaquith None Security
Keynote: Resolved: Metrics Are Too Hard Steve Bellovin None Security
A Metric For Evaluating Static Analysis Tools Brian Chess , Katrina Tsipenyuk None Security
An Attack Surface Metric Pratyusa Manadhata None Security
Good Enough Metrics Jeremy Epstein None Security
Software Security Patterns And Risk Thomas Heyman , Christophe Huygens None Security
Code Metrics Pravir Chandra None Security
Data Breaches: Measurement Efforts And Issues Chris Walsh None Security
The Human Side Of Security Metrics Dennis Opacki None Security
No Substitute For Ongoing Data, Quantification, Visualization, And Story-Telling John S Quarterman , Gretchen Phillips None Security
What Are The Business Security Metrics? Shawn Butler None Security
Leading Indicators In Information Security John Nye None Security
Top Network Vulnerabilities Over Time Vik Solem None Security
Iam Metrics Case Study Andrew Sudbury None Security
Assessment Of It Security In Networked Information Systems Jonas Hallberg , Amund Hunstad None Security
The Only Metrics That Matter Are For Decision Support Dan Geer None Security
Model Concepts For Consideration And Discussion Bryan Ware None Security
Mission And Metrics From Different Views: Firm/Agency, Industry, And Profession Kawika Daguio None Security
Measuring Information Security Risk Bob Blakley None Security
Information Assurance Metrics Taxonomy - Wayne Jansen None Security
The Industrial Security Incident Database Eric Byres , Wurldtech Analytics , David Leversage None Security
Milk Or Wine: Does Software Security Improve With Age? Andy Ozment , Stuart E. Schechter None Security