IFIPWG11.3 2019 July 15, 2019 to July 17, 2019, Charleston, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Understanding Online Socials Harm: Examples of Harassment and Radicalization Amith Sheth As social media permeates our daily life, there has been a sharp rise in the ...
Detecting Adversarial Attacks in the Context of Bayesian Networks Emad Alsuwat , Hatim Alsuwat , John Rose , Marco Farkas N/A
AGBuilder: An AI Tool for Automated Attack Graph Building, Analysis, and Refinement Bruhadeshwar Bezawada , Indrajit Tiwary N/A
Adversarial Sampling Attacks Against Phishing Bruhadeshwar Bezawada , Hossein Shirazi , Indrakshi Anderson N/A
Is My Phone Listening In? On the Feasibility and Detectability of Mobile Eavesdropping Jacob Raschke N/A
Droids in Disarray: Detecting Frame Confusion in Hybrid Android Apps Davide Caputo , Luca Verderame , Simone Merlo N/A
Geo-Graph-Indistinguishability: Protecting Location Privacy for LBS over a Road Network Shun Takagi , Yang Cao , Yasuhito Yoshikawa N/A
Analysis of Privacy Policies to Enhance Informed Consent Raul Metayer N/A
"When and where do you want to hide?" - Recommendation of location privacy preferences with local differential privacy (short paper) Maho Asada , Masatoshi Cao N/A
Keynote Address: Theory and Models for Cyber Situational Awareness Sushil Jajodia Today, when a security incident happens, the top three questions a cyber operation center would ...
Lost in TLS? No more! Assisted Deployment of Secure TLS Configurations Salvatore Manfredi , Silvio Sciarretta N/A
Contributing to current challenges in Identity and Access Management with Visual Analytics Alexander Puchta , Fabian Pernul N/A
Analysis of Multi-path Onion Routing-based Anonymization Networks Daniel Kaiser , Wladimir Cadena , Asya Mitseva , Andriy Engel N/A
Shoal: Query Optimization and Operator Placement for Access Controlled Stream Processing Systems Cory Thoma , Adam Labrinidis N/A
A Distributed Ledger approach to Digital Twin secure data sharing Marietheres Dietz , Benedikt Pernul N/A
Refresh Instead of Revoke Enhances Safety and Availability: A Formal Analysis (short paper) Mehrnoosh Sandhu N/A
On Practical Aspects of PCFG Password Cracking Radek Hranick√Ĺ , Filip Listiak , David Rysavy N/A
That's My DNA: Detecting Malicious Tampering of Synthesized DNA Diptendu Ray N/A
Online Malware Detection in Cloud Auto-Scaling Systems Using Shallow Convolutional Neural Networks Mahmoud Abdelsalam , Ram Sandhu N/A
Redirecting Malware's Target Selection with Decoy Processes Sara Sutton , Garret Rrushi N/A
Wrangling in the Power of Code Pointers with ProxyCFI Misiker Tadesse Aga , Colton Austin N/A
CASFinder: Detecting Common Attack Surface Lingyu Wang , Mengyuan Zhang , Yue Xin , Sushil Singhal N/A
Algorithm Diversity for Resilient Systems Scott Liu N/A