CyberTechMidWest 2019 July 24, 2019 to July 25, 2019, Indianapolis, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Stronger Together Phil Burkholder N/A
Building Cyber Resilience - Cyber as a Business Enabler Nadav Zafrir N/A
Beyond Technology: Two Decades of Cybersecurity Leadership Von Welch N/A
Fireside Chat: Cybersecurity in a Global Economy Jim Schellinger , Gerry Mosley N/A
Hackers’ Coding Ethics, Cracked via Malware DNA Sequencing Eddie Doyle N/A
EXECUTIVE PANEL Judd Williams , Jamie Lee , Bill Russell , Keri Glitch N/A
Staying Ahead of Nation State Grade Cyber Attacks Ran Shahor N/A
CYBERSECURITY AT THE STATE LEVEL David Carter , Chris Derusha , David Cagigal , Adam Ford N/A
PRIVACY Clyde Hague , Ted Cotterill , Clark Giles , Douglas S. Swetnam , Robert Prostko , William Mackey N/A
CYBERMED Mitchell Brett Parker , Steve Long , Moshe Ishai , Mark Swearingen N/A
CLOSING PLENARY: Opening Remarks Chetrice Mosley N/A
Things I’ve Learned About Cybersecurity Since Joining the Private Sector I Wish I’d Known While I Was in Government ​jim Richberg N/A
Panel: Is Your Breach Insured? Stephanie Snyder , Che Bhatia , Anthony Dolce , Michele Johns N/A
Panel: Cyber in the Smart Universe Parham Eftekhari , Maj. (ret.) , Reid Goldsmith , Joseph Cudby N/A
Israeli Cybersecurity Innovation Showcase N/a Israel's most innovative cybersecurity companies pitching to the crowd!
Pacer’s Sports & Entertainment – Cybersecurity Journey Courtney Cole N/A