EST2019 2019 July 22, 2019 to July 24, 2019, Essex, United Kingdom

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Prof Rustam Stolkin N/A
Multi-Metric Evaluation of Thermal-to-Visual Face Recognition Kenneth Yanushkevich N/A
Face Attributes and Detection of Drug Addicts Sudarsini Yanushkevich N/A
Detecting Thermal Face Signature Abnormalities Oluchukwu Obi-alago , Svetlana Wetherley N/A
Spreading Code Identification of Legal Drones in IoT Environment Khattab Ali , Muzhir Mcdonald-maier N/A
EvoFIT facial composite images: a detailed assessment of impact on forensic practitioners, police investigators, victims, witnesses, offenders and the media Charlie Frowd , Emma Portch , Abigail Killeen , Lydia Mullen , Alexander Hancock N/A
Benchmark of Visual SLAM Algorithms: ORB-SLAM2 vs RTAB-Map* Redouane Khemmar , Nicolas Ragot , Adithya Pokala , Romain Rossi , Benoit Ertaud N/A
Hybrid Score- and Rank-level Fusion for Person Identification using Face and ECG Data Thomas Truong , Jonathan Yanushkevich N/A
Further Heuristic Discussion on Two Countermeasures against Reaction Attacks on McEliece Cryptosystems with QC-L(M)DPC Codes Peter Farkas N/A
An Efficient Hardware Design for Combined AES and AEGIS Amit Sardar , Bijoy Chowdhury N/A
Three and Four Dimensional BB84: A Comparative Analysis based on C# Simulation Liliana Zisu N/A
Investigating the Effect of Writer Style, Age and Gender on Natural Revocability Analysis in Handwritten Signature Biometrics Tasmina Fairhurst N/A
A Machine Learning Method for Sensor Authentication Using Hidden Markov Models Julian Murphy , Gareth Mcdonald-maier N/A
Real Time Object Detection, Tracking, and Distance and Motion Estimation based on Deep Learning: Application to Smart Mobility Redouane Khemmar , Zhihao Chen , Benoit Decoux , Amphani Ertaud N/A
Alphanumeric Glyphs Transformation Based on Shape Morphing: Context of Text Tattooing Audrey Ledoux , Bich Ngoc Dao , Paul Coustaty N/A
Secure device identification using multidimensional mapping Supriya Howells N/A
Spatio-Temporal Texture Features for Presentation Attack Detection in Biometric Systems Shi Deravi N/A
Usability of Skin Texture Biometrics for Mixed-Resolution Images Hamed Alsufyani , Sanaul Derav N/A
Impact of Tinted Glasses on Gaze-based Biometric Presentation Attack Detection Asad Ali , Nawal Alsufyani , Sanaul Deravi N/A
Risk Inference Models for Security Applications Jonathan Graf , Shawn Eastwood , Svetlana Ferber N/A
Mini-Block-Based Cipher Class for Physical Clone-Resistant Devices Saleh Mulhem , Mouadh Adi N/A
MAC-PHY Cross-layer design for Secure Wireless Avionics Intra-Communications Ramiro Samano N/A
SortAlgo-Metrics: Identification of Cloud-Based Server Via a Simple Algorithmic Analysis Supriya Howells , Samuel D Baba N/A