ARES 2019 Aug. 26, 2019 to Aug. 29, 2019, Canterbury, UK

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote: Securing Our Future: The Importance of Academia in Closing the Cybersecurity Talent Gap Dr. Alastair Macwillson N/A
Plug-and-Patch: Secure Value Added Services for Electric Vehicle Charging Lucas Buschlinger , Markus Zhdanova N/A
Efficient attack countermeasure selection accounting for recovery and action costs Jukka Soikkeli , Luis Lupu N/A
Using Context and Provenance to defend against USB-borne attacks Tobias Mueller , Ephraim Nittis N/A
Keynote: Cooperative Security for 5G and the Internet Raimo Kantola N/A
Framework for Anticipatory Self-Protective 5G Environments Marco Vidal N/A
6G Network Needs to Support Embedded Trust Raimo Kantola (aalto N/A
An Overview of the SAURON Project Stefan Schauer N/A
A Novel Approach for Detecting Hybrid Threats in the Maritime Industry Eleni-maria Schauer N/A
Modelling Cascading Effects of a Cyber-Attack on a Container Port Sandra König N/A
How Ports can combat the Hybrid Cyber Physical Security Threat: Lessons from the SAURON project Richard Chisnall N/A
The SOCCRATES Project: Motivation and Aims Reinder Wolthuis N/A
ACT: Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform Siri Bromander N/A
Threat modelling and attack simulations with MAL and securiCAD Erik Ringdahl N/A
Automated Response based on SecuriCAD recommendations Frank Fransen N/A
On the Exploitation of Online SMS Receiving Services to Forge ID Verification Muhammad Hajian Berenjestanaki , Mauro Gangwal N/A
Does “www.” Mean Better Transport Layer Security? Eman Alashwali , Pawel Martin N/A
An Attribute-Based Privacy-Preserving Ethereum Solution for Service Delivery with Accountability Requirements Francesco Buccafurri , Gianluca Lax , Vincenzo De Angelis , Lorenzo Russo N/A
Building Taxonomies based on Human-Machine Teaming: Cyber Security as an Example Mohamad Imad Mahaini , Shujun Sağlam N/A
Securing Ethernet-based Optical Fronthaul for 5G Network Joo Yeon Cho , Andrew Zou N/A
Towards a Security Architecture for Hybrid WMNs Michael Schaefer , Markus Theil , Martin Backhaus N/A
Sniffing Detection within the Network: Revisiting Existing and Proposing Novel Approaches Wojciech Mazurczyk , Krzysztof Cabaj , Marcin Gregorczyk , Piotr Żórawski N/A
Threat modeling and automated generation of security requirements for critical transportation infrastructure Christoph Schmittner N/A
The ISPS implementation and Crisis Management Ioannis Papagiannopoulos N/A
CyberSec4Europe: Maritime Transport Scenarios Eleni-maria Kalogeraki N/A
Anomaly Detection (DNS Ninja & ABC tool) Irina Chiscop N/A
Adversarial Machine Learning Ewa Piatkowska N/A
CD-MAKE Opening Keynote A min Tjoa , Andreas Holzinger , Edgar Weippl , Peter Kieseberg N/A
Thieves in the Browser: Web-based Cryptojacking in the Wild Christian Wressnegger , Marius Musch , Martin Rieck N/A
Behavior-Aware Network Segmentation using IP Flows Juraj Jirsik N/A
Data-driven Curation, Learning and Analysis for Inferring Evolving IoT Botnets in the Wild Farkhund Iqbal , Elias Bou-harb , Morteza Safaei Pour , Antonio Mangino , Kurt Friday , Matthias Rathbun , Khaled Erradi N/A
KANDINSKY Patterns as IQ-Test for machine learning Andreas Holzinger , Michael Müller N/A
New Frontiers in Explainable AI: Understanding the GI to Interpret the GO Federico Cabitza , Andrea Ciucci N/A
Practical IoT Device Authentication with ICMetrics Prof. Gareth Howells N/A
A Secure Publish/Subscribe Protocol for Internet of Things Lukas Malina , Gautam Srivastava , Petr Dzurenda , Jan Fujdiak N/A
Introductory talk I: Criminal Use of Information Hiding Initiative – an update Wojciech Mazurczyk N/A
Keynote: The need of standardisation and reference collections in digital forensics Christian Hummert N/A
Analysis of User Evaluations in Security Research Peter Hamm , David Pape N/A
The power of interpretation: Qualitative methods in cybersecurity research Damjan Fujs , Anže Vrhovec N/A
Examining and Constructing Attacker Categorisations - an Experimental Typology for Digital Banking Moeckel Caroline N/A
Keynote: Why strong foundations matter: Lessons from developing CyBOK, the Cyber Security Body of Knowledge Awais Rashid N/A
Gridradar - a distributed frequency measurement system Chrsitian Krämer N/A
A First ISA-Level Characterization of EM Pulse Effects on Superscalar Microarchitectures — A Secure Software Perspective Karine Heydemann , Julien Proy , Fabien Majéric , Alexandre Cohen N/A
Obfuscation-Resilient Code Recognition in Android Apps Johannes Rabensteiner N/A
Costing Secure Software Development Study – A Systematic Mapping Study Elaine Venson , Xiaomeng Guo , Zidi Boehm N/A
Automated Machine Learning (Auto-ML) As a Novel Approach to Investigate the Trade-off Between Accurate and Interpretable Classification Models Alex Freitas N/A
Estimating the Driver Status Using Long Short Term Memory Shokoufeh Gaffar N/A
Using Relational Concept Networks for Explainable Decision Support Jeroen Voogd , Paolo De Heer , Kim Veltman , Patrick Lith N/A
Trust and Security in Internet of Vehicles (IoV) Dr Asma Adnane N/A
Privacy-Enhancing Fall Detection from Remote Sensor Data Using Multi-Party Computation Pradip Shepherd N/A
A Pattern for a Virtual Network Function (VNF) Ahmed Alwakeel , Abdulrahman Fernandez N/A
Near-optimal Evasion of Randomized Convex-inducing Classifiers in Adversarial Environments Pooria Vlajic N/A
AMON: an Automaton MONitor for Industrial Cyber-Physical Security Giuseppe Bernieri , Mauro Pozzan N/A
Decision Support for Mission-Centric Cyber Defence Michal Javorník , Jana Husák N/A
Protocol-independent Detection of `Messaging Ordering' Network Covert Channels Steffen Wendzel N/A
Introducing Dead Drops to Network Steganography using ARP-Caches and SNMP-Walks Steffen Wendzel , Tobias Schmidbauer , Aleksandra Mazurczyk N/A
Fine-tuning of Distributed Network Covert Channels Parameters and Their Impact on Undetectability Wojciech Mazurczyk , Krzysztof Cabaj , Piotr Żórawski N/A
Towards Reversible Storage Network Covert Channels Wojciech Mazurczyk , Przemysław Szary , Steffen Caviglione N/A
Keynote: Location privacy from a statistical perspective Dr George Theodorakopoulos N/A
eBook Readers, Location Surveillance and the Threat to Freedom of Association Stephen Wicker N/A
Practical Group-Signatures with Privacy-Friendly Openings Stephan Krenn , Kai Striecks N/A
E2E Verifiable Borda Count Voting System without Tallying Authorities Samiran Bag , Muhammad Hao N/A
Guided Machine Learning Florian Westphal , Niklas Grahn N/A
Using Ontologies to Express Prior Knowledge for Genetic Programming Stefan Prieschl , Dominic Kronberger N/A
IoT-HarPSecA: A Framework for Facilitating the Design and Development of Secure IoT Devices Musa Samaila , Moser José , João Bernardo Sequeiros , Mario Inácio N/A
Securing the Device Drivers of Your Embedded Systems: Framework and Prototype Zhuohua Li , Jincheng Wang , Mingshen Lui N/A
Energy Attack in LoRaWAN: Experimental Validation Konstantin Mikhaylov , Radek Fujdiak , Ari Pouttu , Miroslav Voznak , Lukas Mlynek N/A
Managing the over-estimation of resilience Thomas Clédel , Frédéric Cuppens-boulahia N/A
GDPR Compliance in Cybersecurity Software: A Case Study of DPIA in Information Sharing Platform Martin Horák , Václav Husák N/A
Cyber Security Skill Set Analysis for Common Curricula Development Muhammad Katt N/A
Detection and Analysis of Tor Onion Services Martin Steinebach , Marcel Yannikos N/A
Productivity and Patterns of Activity in Bug Bounty Programs: Analysis of HackerOne and Google Vulnerability Research Donatello Luna , Luca Cremonini N/A
Securing V2X Communications for the Future - Can PKI Systems offer the answer? Thanassis Krontiris N/A
Location Tracking Using Smartphone Accelerometer and Magnetometer Traces Konstantinos Markantonakis , Raja Naeem Akram , Khuong An Nguyen , Zhiyuan Watkins N/A
SET-OT: A Secure Equality Testing Protocol Based on Oblivious Transfer Ferhat Karakoç , Majid Erkin N/A
Anonymous Identity Based Encryption with Traceable Identities Olivier Blazy , Laura Phan N/A
Real Time Hand Movement Trajectory Tracking for Enhancing Dementia Screening in Ageing Deaf Signers of British Sign Language Xing Liang , Epaminondas Kapetanios , Bencie Angelopoulou N/A
Commonsense Reasoning using Theorem Proving and Machine Learning Sophie Siebert , Frieder Schon N/A
Analyzing Android’s File-Based Encryption: Information Leakage through Unencrypted Metadata Tobias Groß , Matanat Müller N/A
Post-Quantum Cryptography in Embedded Systems Soundes Krämer N/A
The Internet Banking [in]Security Spiral: Past, Present, and Future of Online Banking Protection Mechanisms based on a Brazilian case study Anatoli Kalysch , Marcus Botacin , Tilo Gregio N/A
SocialTruth Project Approach to Online Disinformation (Fake News) Detection and Mitigation Michal choras , Marek Kozik N/A
Privacy and Robust Hashes Martin Steinebach , Sebastian Liu N/A
A Location Privacy Analysis of Bluetooth Mesh Matthias Steffan N/A
DEMISe: Interpretable Deep Extraction and Mutual Information Selection Techniques for IoT Intrusion Detection Paul Yoo , Luke Parker , Taufiq Asyhari , Yoonchan Jhi , Kamal Chermak N/A
Explainable Artificial Intelligence – Methods, Applications & Recent Developments Wojciech Samek N/A
Towards Efficient Reconstruction of Attacker Lateral Movement Peter M. Fischer , Florian Wilkens , Steffen Haas , Dominik Kaaser N/A
Strong Tenant Separation in Cloud Computing Platforms Michael Rossberg , Michael Pfeiffer , Simon Schaefer N/A
Blockchain Trilemma Solver Algorand has Dilemma over Undecidable Messages Mauro Conti , Ankit Todero N/A
Physiological Indicators for User Trust in Machine Learning with Influence Enhanced Fact-Checking Jianlong Zhou , Huaiwen Hu , Zhidong Li , Kun Chen N/A
Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy and Maculopathy in Eye Fundus Images Using Deep Learning and Image Augmentation Sarni Rahim , Vasile Palade , Ibrahim Holzinger N/A
Semi-automated Quality Assurance for Domain-expert-driven Data Exploration – An Application to Principal Component Analysis Sandra Wartner , Manuela Wiesinger-widi , Dominic Girardi , Dieter Schmitt N/A
Invited Talk: Securing Software Supply Chains: A Case for New Research in Software Security? Achim Bruckern N/A
Learning Software Security in Context: An Evaluation in Open Source Software Development Environment Shao-fang Katt N/A
The Security Intention Meeting Series as a way to increase visibility of software security decisions in agile development projects Inger Anne Tøndel , Daniela S. Cruzes , Martin Rindell N/A
Leveraging Kernel Security Mechanisms to Improve Container Security: a Survey Maxime Bélair , Sylvie Menaud N/A
A Misuse Pattern for Compromising VMs via Virtual Machine Escape in NFV Abdulrahman Alnaim , Ahmed Fernandez N/A
Immersive Virtual Insanity: Exploring Immersive Virtual Reality Security & Forensics Ibrahim (abe) Baggili N/A
Methodology for the Automated Metadata-Based Classification of Incriminating Digital Forensic Artefacts Xiaoyu Scanlon N/A
Keynote: CTI in Cyber Defence: Challenges and opportunities Dr. Panayotis Kikiras N/A
Zero Residual Attacks on Industrial Control Systems and Stateful Countermeasures Hamid Reza Ghaeini , Nils Zhou N/A
Keynote: Internet-wide Measurements to Prevent and Combat Cybercrime: The Case of DNS Zone Poisoning Maciej Korczynski N/A
An Analysis Framework for Product Prices and Supplies in Darknet Marketplace York Yannikos , Julian Brockmeyer N/A
Limits in the data for detecting crimincals on social media Andrea Tundis , Leon Böck , Victoria Mühlhäuser N/A
PoliDOM: Mitigation of DOM-XSS by Detection and Prevention of Unauthorized DOM Tampering Junaid Iqbal , Ratinder Stakhanova N/A
Towards a framework for detecting advanced Web bots Christos Iliou , Theodoros Kostoulas , Theodora Tsikrika , Vasilis Katos , Stefanos Kompatsiaris N/A
Characterizing the Redundancy of DarkWeb .onion Services Pavlo Burda , Coen Allodi N/A
Ranked MSD: A New Feature Ranking and Feature Selection Approach for Biomarker Identification Ghanshyam Verma , Alokkumar Jha , Dietrich Madden N/A
How to improve the adaptation phase of the CBR in the medical domain Ľudmila Pusztová , Frantisek Babic , Jan Paraličová N/A
Machine Learning for the Family Doctor: A Case of Cluster Analysis for studying and prediction of Aging Comorbidities and Frailty Frantisek Babic , Ljiljana Trtica Majnaric , Sanja Holzinger N/A
Machine Learning Explainability Through Comprehensible Decision Trees Alberto Domingo-ferrer N/A
Managing Security in Software Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Manage the Security Technical Debt Kalle Rindell , Martin Bernsmed N/A
Applying Security Testing Techniques to Automotive Engineering Irdin Pekaric , Clemens Felderer N/A
Model Driven Security in a Mobile Banking Application Context Serafettin Senturk , Hasan Sogukpinar N/A
Preserving context security in AWS IoT Core Luca Calderoni N/A
DTE Access Control Model for Integrated ICS Systems Khaoula Es-salhi , David Cuppens N/A
Assessing the Applicability of Authorship Verification Methods Oren Halvani , Christian Graner N/A
Improved Manipulation Detection with Convolutional Neural Network for JPEG Images Huajian Liu , Martin Schölei N/A
Map My Murder! A Digital Forensic Study of Mobile Health and Fitness Applications Courtney Hassenfeldt , Shabana Baig , Ibrahim Zhang N/A
Deep Learning-based Facial Detection and Recognition in Still Images for Digital Forensics Patricio Rosário N/A
AIDA Framework: Real-Time Correlation and Prediction of Intrusion Detection Alerts, Martin Kašpar N/A
Automated Pattern Inference Based on Repeatedly Observed Malware Artifacts, Christian Doll , Arnold Sykosch , Marc Meier N/A
A Quantitative Evaluation of Trust in the Quality of Cyber Threat Intelligence Sources, Konstantinos Rantos , Thomas Schaberreiter , Veronika Kupfersberger , Arnolnt Spyros , Alexandros Papanikolaou , Christos Quirchmayr N/A
Improving Borderline Adulthood Facial Age Estimation through Ensemble Learning Elias Bou-harb , Felix Anda , David Lillis , Aikaterini Kanta , Brett Becker , Nhien Scanlon N/A
Large-Scale Analysis of Pop-Up Scam on Typosquatting URLs Tobias Dam , Lukas Daniel Klausner , Damjan Schrittwieser N/A
Realistically Fingerprinting Social Media Webpages in HTTPS Traffic Mariano Di Martino , Peter Lamotte N/A
Keynote: Security lifecycles for smart mobility and smart production Christoph Schmittner N/A
Using Temporal and Topological Features for Intrusion Detection in Operational Networks Simon Duque Anton , Daniel Schotten N/A
Performance Evaluation of Elliptic-Curve Libraries on Automotive-Grade Microcontrollers Lucian Popa , Bogdan Murvay N/A
Detecting DGA domains with recurrent neural networks and side information Ryan Curtin , Andrew Gardner , Slawomir Grzonkowski , Alexey Lopez N/A
Black Box Attacks on Deep Anomaly Detectors Slawomir Grzonkowski , Aditya Kuppa , Muhammad Khac N/A
Knowledge Extraction for Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Test Vectors by Means of Combinatorial Coverage Measurement Dimitris e. Simos , Bernhard Garn , Ludwig Kampel , Rick Kacker N/A
An Evaluation of Fingerprinting Schemes and their Utility Effects on Machine Learning Tanja Mayer N/A
Differentially Private Obfuscation of Facial Images William Croft , Jorg-rudiger Shi N/A
IO-Trust: An out-of-band trusted memory acquisition for intrusion detection and Forensics investigations in cloud IOMMU based systems Ahmad Atamli , Giuseppe Crowcroft N/A
A Study of Network Forensic Investigation in Docker Environments Daniel Spiekermann , Tobias Keller N/A
Revisiting Data Hiding Techniques for Apple File System Thomas Göbel , Jan Baier N/A
IoT Ignorance is Digital Forensics Research Bliss: A Survey to Understand IoT Forensics Definitions, Challenges and Future Research Directions Tina Wu , Frank Baggili N/A
Wrap-up Virginia Franqueira N/A
NERD: Network Entity Reputation Database, Václav Bartoš N/A
Cyber Threat Information Sharing: Perceived Benefits and Barriers, Adam Simpson N/A
Automated Cyber Threat Sensing and Responding: Integrating Threat Intelligence into Security-Policy-Controlled Systems, Peter Amthor , Daniel Fischer , Winfried Stelzer N/A
Ontology of Metrics for Cyber Security Assessment Elena Doynikova , Andrey Kotenko N/A
Fake News Detection by Image Montage Recognition Martin Steinebach , Huajian Gotkowski N/A
HEHLKAPPE: Utilizing Deep Learning to Manipulate Surveillance Camera Footage in Real-Tim Alexander Zeller N/A
Applicability of the IEC 62443 standard in Industry 4.0 / IIoT Björn Leander , Aida Hansson N/A
Requirements and Recommendations for IoT/IIoT Models to automate Security Assurance through Threat Modelling, Security Analysis and Penetration Testing Ralph Ankele , Stefan Marksteiner , Kai Vallant N/A
Federated Identity Management and Interoperability for Heterogeneous Cloud Platform Ecosystems Nirojan Selvanathan , Dileepa Damjanovic-behrendt N/A
STAMAD – a STAtic MAlware Detector Khanh Touili N/A
Enhancing credibility of digital evidence through provenance-based incident response handling Ludwig Englbrecht , Gregor Langner , Günther Quirchmayr N/A
Language-based Integration of Digital Forensics & Incident Response Christopher Roussev N/A
Insights into Learning Competence through Probabilistic Graphical Models Anna Saranti , Behnam Taraghi , Martin Holzinger N/A
Sparse Nerves in Practice Nello Brun N/A
Backdoor Attacks in Neural Networks – a Systematic Evaluation on Multiple Traffic Sign Datasets Rudolf Ekelhart N/A
Privacy-Enhancing Context Authentication from Location-Sensitive Data Pradip Mainali , Carlton Petitcolas N/A
Semantic Mediation for A Posteriori Log Analysis Nora Cuppens-boulahia , Farah Dernaika , Frédéric Raynaud N/A
Alexa’s Voice Recording Behavior: A Survey of User Understanding and Awareness Yousra Javed , Shashank Jadoun N/A
Post-Quantum UC-Secure Oblivious Transfer in the Standard Model with Adaptive Corruptions Olivier Blazy , Céline Vu N/A
On the Utility of Synthetic Data: An Empirical Evaluation on Machine Learning Andreas Mayer , Markus Hittmeir N/A
Deep Learning for Proteomics Data for Feature Selection and Classification Sahar Conrad N/A
Package and Classify Wireless Product Features to Their Sales Items and Categories Automatically Haitao Eratuuli N/A
Temporal diagnosis of discrete-event systems with dual knowledge compilation Nicola Bertoglio , Gianfranco Zanella N/A
Privacy & Trust-related websites and data sources Jörg Daubert N/A
Trust: CAIQ-related Websites Sheikh M. Habib N/A
The politicization of personal data Stephen Marsh N/A
Inivited Talk: Authentication of the future - a challenge to privacy? Peter Kieseberg N/A
Adversarial Communication Networks Modeling for Intrusion Detection Strengthened against Mimicry Jorge Monge N/A