KiwiCon 2009 Nov. 26, 2009 to Nov. 28, 2009, Wellington, New Zealand

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote: Media Hackery: How To Manipulate Social And Mainstream Media Patrick Gray Social media has been hailed as a new force in democracy -- putting the power ... Security
Here Is A Lock; Here Is A Door; Windows One Two Three Four Philip Whitmore Following on from last year's demonstration of ninja skills, Philip will provide a real-world practical ... Security
Professional Vulnerability Research And Analysis Chris Spencer This presentation will take an inside look at how professional day to day vulnerability analysis ... Security
Lulz: Webstalking 3.0 Alhazred Webstalking, we all do it. Maybe you stalk your friends, maybe you stalk your co-workers, ... Security
Hacking Scientists Paul Craig Every Sunday I hack. Every Sunday I hack for 8-9 hours, come rain or shine, ... Security
The Big Brothers & Subversives Guide To Gps Peter Hannay An introduction to the security implications of GPS devices. Covering: - the tracks left behind ... Security
Radio Recon: Comint For Haxx0Rs Bls This presentation covers radio surveillance for hackers and penetration testers. Learn how to discover, monitor ... Security
Smart Card Security Nick von Dadelszen Smart cards are all the rage these days; from electronic passports, credit cards, other payment ... Security
Shared Ownership Muss Ever been in a club rubbing up against half-naked, hot, sweaty guys and come out ... Security
Dmap Carl Purvis I have a secret. I can compromise most of you today regardless of what OS ... Security
Defending Against Web Applicaton Dos Attacks Max Dermann - The Threat: why the usual countermeasures fail - Defending: what does work - passive ... Security
Rewtkits? In My Kernel? Thoth Linux kernel rootkits are everywhere, but no modern (public) detection system exists. Linux rootkit checkers ... Security
A History Of Corruption Hawkes Ithaca, New York. November 2nd 1988, 6PM. $ FTP /USERNAME=anonymous /PASSWORD=login 220 prep-ai-vax FTP ... Security
Some Thoughts On Threat Modelling Peter Gutmann This talks looks at the topic of threat modelling, not so much in terms of, ... Security
Pro-Tips For Hackers And Those That Call Themselves Hackers Sham Despite the appalling present state of security, despite the tech media screaming the sky is ... Security
Do Your Fruit Hang Low? Metlstorm Do your fruit hang low? Do they wobble to and fro? A talk in which ... Security
Physical Computing, Virtual Security: Adding The Arduino Microcontroller Development Environment To Your 'Security Research' Follower While you were busy sticking your nose into the latest heap-smashing techniques and exploiting the ... Security
New Zealand Internet Task Force Narc0sis This talk will discuss some recent activity and projects undertaken by members of the New ... Security
Mobile Activesync Russian Roulette Deathflu As the popularity of communication (especially email) using mobile devices increases so does the risk ... Security
More 802.11 Wireless Controller Bs Y011 With the shamefail of 2008's audience-mangled demos still burning his ears this time 'round Neal ... Security
Decoding Telecom Paging System D.roc Now that the police are moving to a full digital system may people are asking ... Security
New Zealand Web Reconnaisansse With Whatweb Urbanadventurer Ever wanted to web scan all of New Zealand but didn't have the right tools? ... Security
Wifihoneypots Or How I Got Pwned Stealing Grandma'S Wifi Numero If you saw a open wifi access point (grandmas wifi!?) would you use it? If ... Security
Istore: Yourstoremystore Karl Chaffey iPhone, iPhone, iPhone just how secure is that App Store that you are so found ... Security
The Social Engineering Zone Philip Whitmore Imagine, if you will, a time that seemed innocent... almost too innocent. Imagine a nation ... Security
Lockpicking Challenge D.roc Following the failure of anyone to crack open his moneybox last year, D.Roc returns, with ... Security
An Evening With Ben Hawkes, With Your Host Ben Hawkes Ben Hawkes International hacker superstar and all round high roller Ben Hawkes hosts the Kiwicon Speakers, VIPs ... Security
The Return Of The Kiwicon Pub Quiz Metl Test your hax0r general knowlege, skillz and cheap-beer-swillin' abilities against the cream of .nz's security ... Security
Sitehost Has A A Case Of The Sundays The Kiwicon Crew Does anyone ever ask you if you've got a case of the Sundays? Shit, no? ... Security
The Insomnia Sunday Roast The Kiwicon Crew So we lied. It's not a roast. We accidentally ended up with money again, and ... Security