KiwiCon 2008 Nov. 26, 2008 to Nov. 28, 2008, Wellington, New Zealand

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Yove Got Nothing: Freedom, Privacy And Hacktivism In The Age Of Confusion Cartel The recent worldwide moves towardsincreased data mining and surveillance of otherwise innocent citizens is justified ... Security
Straight To Video: Bugging The Boardroom Oddy , Eon Eon and Oddy present an informative hour of voyeuristic fun and fear, we discuss the ... Security
Attacking The Vista Heap Ben Hawkes This presentation explores the cutting edge of heap exploitation theory and practice on Windows Vista. ... Security
Why Biometrics Is Not A Panacea: A Comedy Of Errors In Three Parts Peter Gutmann Before 9/11, biometrics were mostly a curiosity, employed for additional security in a few special-case ... Security
Storm In A Teacup Narcosis In March this year New Zealand participated in the largest global cyber security exercise to ... Security
Mapping Drive-By-Downloads With Client Honeypots Pk VUW, School of Mathematics Statistics and Computer Science has developed some open course technologies for ... Security
Walking Through Walls Ninja Style - The Art Of Non-Destructive Entry Philip Whitmore , Sander Reerink Faced with the increasing challenge presented by modern locks and physical access control mechanisms, how ... Security
Phree As In Phonecall Krusher This talk is the culmination of many years of whispering sweet nothings to phones and ... Security
Hacking Citrix In 2008 Brett ( Antic0de ) Moore Citrix. The point and click GUI thing that is often seen but not heard. Often ... Security
Black Seo Exposed Roberto Suggi Liverani Black Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), often referred as negative SEO, is a term that covers ... Security
Mobile Phone Network Security Jacob Winther Ever wonder whats stops your friends listening to your mobile phone calls, or why you ... Security
Bluetrax Karl Chaffey We still like to believe in an archaic concept called privacy, however in recent times ... Security
Tracking Nz Based Malware Distributors Nick von Dadelszen Compromised websites are now one of the largest distributors of malware on the Internet, with ... Security
Annoying Controller-Based 802.11 Wireless Solutions Neal Wise Managing large wireless solutions using nifty centralised schtuff *seems* like a good idea. So what ... Security
The Paul Craig Omnibus Experience: The Moth Trojan & Who Got Pwnd? Paul Craig Not content with one talk, Paul presents two, for an omnibus, collectors edition evening of ... Security
Waste Not, Want Not Vt Several months of traffic analysis has given an insight to what noise there is on ... Security
Race2Zero Roundup Bogan Triumphantly returned from rubbing the AV industry's nose in its own foetid mess at Defcon, ... Security
The Art Of War - Blitzkrieg Pipes Penetration testing often focuses on targeting specific systems and services. This talk is not about ... Security
Lockpicking For Beginners Workshop D-roc D-Roc introduces lockpicking, with demos, hands on, and give-aways! Security
Tokemon: Gotta Catch 'Em All Metlstorm , Antic0de 'c0de and metl's free for all hacking game, where you hack stuff for tokens... and ... Security
Panel Discussion - Risky Business Pat Gay None Security