KiwiCon 2007 Nov. 26, 2007 to Nov. 28, 2007, Wellington, New Zealand

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Bugs In The Wetware: The Psychology Of Computer Insecurity Peter Gutmann It's been common wisdom for some time that the average user has a rather poor ... Security
Here Be Dragons: Hacking Non-Ip Networks Hntr Everyone accepts the pervasive nature of the internet, and by extension, IP networks. Much work ... Security
Busting Your Ids / Ips Flagg When you consider the system as a whole, there are plenty of ways to bust ... Security
Old School Is Good School: Busting Carrier Ethernet Networks Metlstorm Ethernet is ubiquitous, the winner of the Layer 2 techonolgy race. And everyone knows it's ... Security
Bugs == Leverage Bogan Your employer wants you to a deliver a whiz-bang solution for their latest business requirement, ... Security
Cracking A Fat: Breaking Thick Client Software Nick von Dadelszen With so much discussion about AJAX and the dangers of client-side logic, many people tend ... Security
Crackstation Tmasky Sony built a mini-supercomputer-total-entertainment-system thing that can also play games. The talk will go over ... Security
Information Warfare And New Perspectives For Smaller Nations Joshua ( Jabra ) Abraham Information is everywhere: newspaper, television, radio, Internet... If you own the information you can own ... Security
A Bag Full Of 0Day Brett ( Antic0de ) Moore Well, it'd hardly be 0day if we told you, would it? Security
Your Kiosk, My Kiosk Delf Internet Kiosks. We have all seen them in Airports, Lobbies and Army/Navy recruiting stations. Computers ... Security
Wifi Insecurity: A Busting Wep/Wpa Workshop Detonate A hands on (bring your own laptop) workshop showing you how to sniff, snarf, inject, ... Security
Ssh-Jack Redux: And Jack0Rs For All... Metlstorm Two years ago, Metlstorm presented his runtime SSH hijacker at Defcon; "it's a feature!" he ... Security
The Success Of A Mistake: Kiwicon2K7 pipes , Bogan The primary organisers of Kiwicon 2k7 reflect on their hangover throbbing heads, their empty wallets, ... Security
Ree Windows Privesc Sham This will be the official release of an automated Windows privilege escalation bug finder and ... Security
Advances In Anti-Forensic: In-Memory Distributed Hidden Storage Joshua ( Jabra ) Abraham During this short talk we will present a new way to hide a file in-memory ... Security