CRITIS2019 2019 Sept. 23, 2019 to Sept. 23, 2019, Linköping, Sweden

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote: Everything is Awesome! Or is it? Cyber Security Risks in Critical Infrastructure Prof. Awais Rachid Industrial Control Systems play an important role in the monitoring, control, and automation of critical ...
Exploring how Component Factors and their Uncertainty Affect Judgements of Risk in Cyber-Security Zack Ellerby , Josie Mcculloch , Melanie Wagner N/A
Estimating Cascading Effects in Cyber-Physical Critical Infrastructures Stefan Schauer , Sandra König , Thomas Grafenauer , Manuel Rass N/A
Aggregating Centrality Rankings: A Novel Approach to Detect Critical Infrastructure Vulnerabilities Gabriele Oliva , Annunziata Esposito Amideo , Stefano Starita , Roberto Scaparra N/A
Keynote: NIS Directive and the role of ENISA Dr. Marianthi Theocharidou N/A
On the Importance of Agility, Transparency, and Positive Reinforcement in Cyber Incident Crisis Communication Tomomi Aoyama , Atsushi Sato , Giuseppe Watanabe N/A
SealedGRID: A Secure Interconnection Technologies for Smart Grid Applications Cristina Alcaraz , Christoforos Ntantogian , Aristeidis Farao , Juan Enrique Rubio , Christos Lopez N/A
SAFeRA 4STER: Integrated Management of Safety and Security Synergies in Seveso Plants Gabriele Oliva , Roberto Assenza N/A
Using serious gaming to train operators of critical infrastructure Tommy Westerdahl N/A
Industry/Experience report on recent Trends in Cyber Economy and the Impact on OT Eleni Richter N/A
Experience Report from an Intrusion Attempt on the Power Distribution Grid Anders Hansson N/A
Keynote: Challenges in Quantifying An Adversary's Cyber Access to Critical Infrastructures Prof. David Nicol Critical infrastructures such as the power grid, up and down stream components of oil and ...
Automatic Vulnerability Analysis for Cyber-Physical System Yuning Jiang , Yacine Ding N/A
Climate Change Impact and Vulnerability Analysis in the City of Bratislava: Application and Lessons Learned Manfred Bogen , Daniel Lückerath , Eva Streberová , Erich Rome , Oliver Pauditsová N/A
A Dynamic Risk Assessment (DRA) Methodology for High Impact Low Probability (HILP) Security Risks Carlo Dambra , Chanan Graf , Jordi Gralewski N/A
On Actuator Security Indices Jezdimir Milosevic , Sebin Sandberg N/A
Intrusion Resilience for PV Inverters in a Distribution Grid Use-Case Featuring Dynamic Voltage Control Ivo Friedberg , Boojoong Kang , David Umsonst , Mario Faschang , Christian Seitl , Friederich Kupzog , Henrik Mclaughlin N/A
Mitigating escalation of cascading effects of a payment disruption across other critical infrastructures: lessons learned in 15 simulation-games Joeri Van Laere , Björn Johansson , Leif Määttä N/A
Using Datasets from Industrial Control Systems for Cyber Security Research and Education Qin Lin , Sicco Verwer , Robert Mathur N/A
Keynote: National Risk Assessments and EU/JRC guidelines Ainara Casajus Valles The Union Civil Protection Mechanism (Decision No 1313/2013/EU) calls Participant States to develop risk assessments ...
Short paper: A Virtual Cyber-Security Testbed for Continuously Controlled Systems Viktor Sandberg N/A
Keynote: Hybrid Threats Impact on Crisis Management Mr. Yves Rougier Historically the terrorist threats were mainly constituted of physical actions. They took different forms which ...
Securing Software Updates for Trains Tatiana Galibus N/A
A comparison between SWIFT and Blockchain from a cyber resiliency perspective - Addressing the payments infrastructure vulnerabilities to evolving cyber threats Luisa Carlomagno N/A