RAID2019 2019 Sept. 23, 2019 to Sept. 25, 2019, Beijing, China

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Be Sensitive and Collaborative: Analyzing Impact of Coverage Metrics in Greybox Fuzzing Heng Yin , Chengyu Song , Yue Duan , Jinghan Wang , Wei Song N/A
On Design Inference from Binaries Compiled using Modern C++ Defenses Aravind Prakash , Rukayat Ayomide Erinfolami , Anh T Quach N/A
DECAF++: Elastic Whole-System Dynamic Taint Analysis Heng Yin , Ali Davanian , Zhenxiao Qi , Yu Qu N/A
Towards a First Step to Understand the Cryptocurrency Stealing Attack on Ethereum Kui Ren , Xiapu Luo , Yajin Zhou , Zhen Cheng , Xinrui Hou , Runhuai Li , Jinku Li N/A
Fingerprinting Tooling used for SSH Compromisation Attempts Christian Doerr , Vincent Ghiette , Harm Griffioen N/A
Timing Patterns and Correlations in Spontaneous SCADA Traffic for Anomaly Detection Chih-yuan Lin , Simin Nadjm-tehrani N/A
USBESAFE: An End-Point Solution to Protect Against USB-Based Attacks William Robertson , Engin Kirda , Amin Kharraz , Graham Z. Baker , Brandon L. Daley N/A
Minimal Kernel: An Operating System Architecture for TEE to Resist Board Level Physical Attacks Shijun Zhao , Wei Feng , Yu Qin , Dengguo Feng , Qianying Zhang N/A
ScaRR: Scalable Runtime Remote Attestation for Complex Systems Jianying Zhou , Mauro Conti , Flavio Toffalini , Andrea Biondo , Eleonora Losiouk N/A
Toward the Analysis of Embedded Firmware through Automated Re-hosting Christopher Kruegel , Giovanni Vigna , Davide Balzarotti , Eric Gustafson , Aurélien Francillon , Yanick Fratantonio , Yung Ryn Choe , Chad Spensky , Aravind Machiry , Nilo Redini , Marius Muench N/A
CryptoREX: Large-scale Analysis of Cryptographic Misuse in IoT Devices Kehuan Zhang , Jian Weng , Li Zhang , Wenrui Diao , Jiongyi Chen , Shanqing Guo N/A
PAtt: Physics-based Attestation of Control Systems Ahmad-reza Sadeghi , Nils ole Tippenhauer , Jianying Zhou , Saman A. Zonouz , Luis Garcia , Ferdinand Brasser , Hamid Reza Ghaeini , Matthew Chan , Raad Bahmani N/A
COMA: Communication and Obfuscation Management Architecture Kris Gaj , Kimia Zamiri Azar , Farnoud Farahmand , Hadi Mardani Kamali , Shervin Roshanisefat , Houman Homayoun , William Diehl , Avesta Sasan N/A
PRO-ORAM: Practical Read-Only Oblivious RAM Prateek Saxena , Yaoqi Jia , Shruti Tople N/A
The Duster Attack: Tor Onion Service Attribution Based on Flow Watermarking with Track Hiding Yuval Elovici , Alfonso Iacovazzi , Daniel Frassinelli N/A
TALON: An Automated Framework for Cross-Device Tracking Detection Sotiris Ioannidis , Panagiotis Ilia , Konstantinos Solomos , Nicolas Kourtellis N/A
Analysis of Location Data Leakage in the Internet Traffic of Android-based Mobile Devices Asaf Shabtai , Nir Sivan , Ron Bitton N/A
Kindness is a Risky Business: On the Usage of the Accessibility APIs in Android Kehuan Zhang , Xiaofeng Wang , Jian Weng , Li Zhang , Zhou Li , Wenrui Diao , Xiangyu Liu , Xiaorui Pan , Yue Zhang , Fenghao Xu N/A
Automatic Generation of Non-intrusive Updates for Third-Party Libraries in Android Applications Heng Yin , Yue Duan , Lian Gao , Jie Hu N/A
Exploiting the Inherent Limitation of L0 Adversarial Examples Fei Zuo , Bokai Yang , Xiaopeng Li , Lannan Luo , Qiang Zeng N/A
NLP-EYE: Detecting Memory Corruptions via Semantic-Aware Memory Operation Function Identification Dawu Gu , Juanru Li , Yuanyuan Zhang , Jianqiang Wang , Siqi Ma , Zheyu Ma , Long Mai , Tiancheng Chen N/A
Robust Optimization-Based Watermarking Scheme for Sequential Data Erman Ayday , Emre Yilmaz , Arif Yilmaz N/A
Smart Malware that Uses Leaked Control Data of Robotic Applications: The Case of Raven-II Surgical Robots Ravishankar K. Iyer , Zbigniew T. Kalbarczyk , Keywhan Chung , Xiao Li , Peicheng Tang , Zeran Zhu , Thenkurussi Kesavadas N/A
SGXJail: Defeating Enclave Malware via Confinement Daniel Gruss , Michael Schwarz , Samuel Weiser , Luca Mayr N/A
Fluorescence: Detecting Kernel-Resident Malware in Clouds Robert Ricci , Eric Eide , David Johnson , Richard Li , Min Du , Jacobus Merwe N/A
Now You See It, Now You Don't: A Large-scale Analysis of Early Domain Deletions Nick Nikiforakis , Najmeh Miramirkhani , Timothy Barron N/A
HinDom: A Robust Malicious Domain Detection System based on Heterogeneous Information Network with Transductive Classification Jiahai Yang , Xiaoqing Sun , Mingkai Tong , Liu Xinran , Liu Heng N/A
DomainScouter: Understanding the Risks of Deceptive IDNs Daiki Chiba , Mitsuaki Akiyama , Ayako Akiyama Hasegawa , Takashi Koide , Yuta Sawabe , Shigeki Goto N/A
Dynamically Finding Minimal Eviction Sets Can Be Quicker Than You Think for Side-Channel Attacks against the LLC Wei Liu N/A
Time and Order: Towards Automatically Identifying Side-Channel Vulnerabilities in Enclave Binaries Zhiqiang Lin , Yinqian Zhang , Wubing Wang N/A
Application level attacks on Connected Vehicle Protocols Zhiyun Qian , Qi Zhu , Ahmed Abdo , Sakib Malek , Matthew Barth , Nael Abu-ghazaleh N/A
S3: A DFW-based Scalable Security State Analysis Framework for Large-Scale Data Center Networks Dijiang Huang , Abdulhakim Sabur , Ankur Chowdhary , Myong Kang , Anya Kim , Alexander Velazquez N/A
Container-IMA: A privacy-preserving Integrity Measurement Architecture for Containers Qingni Shen , Zhonghai Wu , Wu Luo , Yutang Xia N/A
Fingerprinting SDN Applications via Encrypted Control Traffic Kun Sun , Qi Li , Jiahao Cao , Zijie Yang , Mingwei Xu , Peiyi Han N/A
Exploring Syscall-Based Semantics Reconstruction of Android Applications Yanick Fratantonio , Antonio Bianchi , Dario Nisi N/A
Towards Large-Scale Hunting for Android Negative-Day Malware Peng Liu , Ting Yu , Wenjun Hu , Lun-pin Yuan N/A
DroidScraper: A Tool for Android In-Memory Object Recovery and Reconstruction Golden Iii , Andrew Case , Aisha Ali-gombe , Sneha Sudhakaran N/A