SSCS2019 2019 Oct. 21, 2019 to Oct. 22, 2019, London, UK

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote: Analysing the changing environment of safety and cyber security N/a N/A
Road map for implementing an integrated safety and security management system in a critical national infrastructure (CNI) environment Peter M.c. Hazell N/A
Managing Adversity on a Through-Life Basis Ian Bryant N/A
How do you meet the safety and security challenges for critical systems? Chris Johnson N/A
Safety and cyber security for the transport industry Mike , St John N/A
The Terrible Triad: Assuring Safety, Security and Autonomy Nikita Johnson N/A
A data analytics approach to reducing SIL integrity requirements for safety critical railway systems George Bearfield N/A
TRITON: How to reverse engineer and detect it? Tony Atkins N/A
Cyber Security and Automatic Train Operation Karl Tobin N/A
I Used to Be Undecided but Now I’m Not So Sure - Managing Confidence and Uncertainty When Assuring Software-Dependent Systems Ken Wallace N/A
Defence against cyber-attacks in the Aerospace industry and how can the lessons learned be applied to other sectors Jonathan Roberts N/A
The challenges for Regulation, Certification and Accreditation of critical systems N/a N/A
Technical considerations for safety and security N/a N/A
Regulatory perspective on Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems; experience to date and new challenges looking ahead Nico J.p. Tillema N/A
Resilient (safe and secure by design) Systems Engineering Competencies Andy German N/A
Functional safety and cybersecurity – current developments on the regulations and standards Dr Fan Ye N/A
Standards and practices for autonomous maritime infrastructure Bernard Twomey N/A
Vulnerabilities, threats and solutions to cyber security in safety-critical systems N/a N/A
Practical Industrial Cyber Security and Safety Improvements Cevn Vibert N/A
Security-informed safety – code of practice Dr Stroud N/A
Unified Framework for Safety and Security Risk Assessments in Cyber Physical Systems (Automotive Applications) Zakaria Hasbi N/A
End-to-end risk management in cyber security and safety Chris Johnson N/A
AI/ML, Cloud and novel technologies in critical systems Mike , St John N/A
Addressing the “Chicken or Egg” dilemma of early lifecycle cybersecurity management Glynn Beeken N/A
From Bitcoin Mining to Ransomware - Lessons Learnt on ICS Fortification M Tan N/A
System security: a black art or systems engineering? Mark England N/A
Hacking from the Internet of Things in to the Industrial Internet of Things Jo Dalton N/A
Secure Integration of Cyber Physical Systems in a Hybrid Multi-Cloud World Mark Buckwell N/A
Plenary sessions: Emerging trends and developments in the standards around safety and cyber security N/a None
Aligning safety and security with a systems perspective N/a N/A
Evolving guidelines and industry best practices for securing Industrial Control Systems Mohammed Zumla N/A
Joint Q&A with Ofgem, NCSC and IET N/a N/A
The human factors in cyber security and safety Malcolm Cook N/A
Clinical human factors for improving safety in the healthcare sector Scott Hislop N/A
Automated Vehicles – Human Factors Considerations Shaun Helman N/A