CONFidence 2009 Nov. 29, 2009 to Nov. 30, 2009, Krakow, Poland

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Wireless Threats; Theyíre Not Dead Yet! Dragorn None Security
Exploratory Android Surgery Jesse Burns None Security
Fusing Third Party Threat Feeds To Obtain Better Threat Intelligence Eddie Schwartz None Security
Developments In Cisco Ios Forensics Felix ( FX ) Lindner None Security
How Easy Sql Injection Bugs Defeat The Most Famous Web Vulnerability Scanners Jose Parada Gimeno , Chema Alonso None Security
Practical Security In Computer Games Gynvael Coldwind None Security
The Glass Cage. Virtualization Security Claudio Criscione None Security
Tls Renegotiation Authentication Gap Frank Breedijk None Security
Autonessus: Analyzing Vulnerability Assessment Data The Easy Wayö Frank Breedijk None Security
Xss Lightsabre Techniques Using Hackvertor Gareth Heyes None Security
Playing In A Satellite Environment 1.2 Leonardo NVE Egea None Security
Pen Testing The Web With Firefox Michael ( theprez98 ) Schearer None Security
Mifare Classic Attacks In Practice Pavol Luptak None Security
Microsoft Sdlc Tomasz Kopacz None Security
Power Point Karaoke Introduction To The Social Event Elisa Jasinska None Security
Practical Information On The Ìcold Bootî Attack Nadia Heninger None Security
Microsoft Patches Little Sister But Forgets Big Brother Moti Joseph None Security
The Power Hungry People Nick Depetrillo None Security
Expanding The Control Over The Operating System From The Database Bernardo Damele , Guido Landi None Security
Tor Talk Jacob Appelbaum None Security
Vulnerabilities In Freebsd Kernel Przemyslaw Frasunek None Security
How To Attack And Disrupt Enterprise Environments Ñ A Practical View. Lukasz Bromirski None Security
Javascript From Hell Mario Heiderich None Security
Frauding Telcos: A Full History (1980/2009) Alessio Penasilico , Raoul "Nobody" Chiesa None Security
Voip Security Sandro Gauci None Security
Rootkits are awesome: Insider Threat for Fun and Profit Michael Kemp Rootkits are awesome: Insider Threat for Fun and Profit: Addressing the insider threat is now ...