H2HC 2019 Oct. 26, 2019 to Oct. 26, 2019, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Stefano Zanero , Dino Dai Zovi N/A
Machete: 9 Years of Cyber Espionage Operations in Latin America Verónica Valeros N/A
Dissecting a linux kernel exploit - Part I Thais & Gustavo N/A
Trashing like it is 1999 - Unsolicited forensics on GPS trackers Matias Soler N/A
Dissecting a linux kernel exploit - Part 2 Thais & Gustavo N/A
Bypassing a hardware based trusted boot through x86 CPU microcode downgrade Alexander Ermolov N/A
Analyzing phishing campaigns targeting Gmail users Elie Oliveira N/A
Embedded Research & Automation Brian Butterly N/A
Como detectar uma bomba atomica? Lucas Ferreira N/A
Crash Analyzing with Reverse Tainting (Powered by Taintgrind) Marek Zmyslowski N/A
Windows Objects Exploitation Bruno Oliveira N/A
Under Pressure: Real world damage with TPMS spoofing Inbar & Raziel N/A
NIDAVELLIR: Building Powerful Tools (Weapons?) Nelson Brito N/A
Keynote Fermin Serna N/A
Gamification Will Lead to Better Medical Device Resilience Nina Alli N/A
Oh memset, where did you go? Marion Marschalek N/A
Raspy on Aircraft Bordini & Diego N/A
Modern Heap Exploitation: The poison NULL-byte Daniel Velazquez N/A
Anti Tamper em Maquinas de Cartao Julio Della Flora N/A
Network Reconnaissance Adventures in IPv6-Land Fernando Gont N/A
Construindo Bootkits: Ideias para GRUB com Linux Joao Victorino N/A
Using Binary Ninja to find format string vulns in Binary Ninja Vasco Franco N/A
Fuzzing TrustZone TEE to break Full Disk Encryption in Android Andrey Akimov N/A