RegionalCybersecurityWeek2019 2019 Oct. 27, 2019 to Oct. 31, 2019, Muscat, Oman

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Cyber security challenges in the 4th industrial revolution General Mohamed N/A
Regional differences in the ideologies underlying cyber conflict in the 4th industrial revolution Dr. Alexander Klimburg N/A
Adopting the cybersecurity revolution and 4IR in developing and implementing a national cyber security strategy Dr Pearson N/A
AI: Potential and challenges in cybersecurity Mr. Mohamad Maaz N/A
Cyber security at the heart of the 4th industrial revolution Mr. Hadi Tannous N/A
Panel discussion: The future of cyber security Mr. Tonu Tamer , Dr. Alfuraih , Mr. Kevin Meynell N/A
Cyber security for the satellite sector Eng. Shuaibi N/A
A new era of cyber threats: The shift to self-learning, self-defending networks Ms. Imene Zikara N/A
Blockchain technology and cyber security Mr. -yamani N/A
The myth of the iron triangle in cybersecurity Mr. Sherif Mansour N/A
Enabling cyber-physical systems for 5G networking within critical infrastructure: Threats and challenges Eng. Hajri N/A
Next generation SOC using 4ir technologies Mr. Sunil Sharma N/A
Keynote 1: Cyber leadership in the 4th Industrial revolution Mr. Alois Zwinggi N/A
Keynote 2: Global cyber security risk posture and impacts of 4ir technologies Dr. Alexander Klimburg N/A
Keynote 3: The cybersecurity week at a glance Eng. Salehi N/A
Cyber security vulnerabilities and regulatory reforms requirements for 4th industrial revolution readiness. Dr. Rawas N/A
Warming up for the World Cup, A nation’s cyber journey Mr. Sherin N/A
Threat intelligence in action Mr. Ahmad Ashraf N/A
Panel Discussion: Regional and international cybersecurity cooperation General Mohamed , Mr. Alois Zwinggi , Mr. Chris Gibson , Ms. Yukako Uchida , Mr. Adam Cooper N/A
Partnerships between government and industry in cyber Mr. Simon Hosking N/A
Cyber situation awareness Mr. Joon Kim N/A
Panel discussion: The role of legislative frameworks in preventing and in combating cybercrime Dr. Hinai , Dr. Moqbali N/A
How can we strengthen regional CSIRT community to solve your problems? Mr. Masato Terada N/A
Cyber warfare, a growing global and regional threat Mr. Mohamed Nayaz N/A
Panel discussion: Cybersecurity in 4IR: Reaping benefits and mitigating drawbacks Dr. Zahri Yunos , Mr. Nomazovich , Mr. Rayhi , Mr. Ajijola N/A
Silence: Evolution of tools and tactics in 2019 Mr. Kalinin Alexander N/A
Crises everywhere response team: How can CERT’s deal with the borderless IOT? Dr. Alfuraih N/A
Transforming ISP to threat intelligence provider Mr. Mir N/A
Applications of Neural Networks in Cybersecurity Mr. Rached N/A
Cybersecurity in smart industries Mr. Frikha N/A
AI in Cybersecurity: Automation and Impact Dr. Lina Oueidat N/A
Panel discussion: Building the IR readiness in the 4th IR Dr. Almerindo Graziano , Mr. Csaba Virág , Mr. Alessandro Ortalda N/A