t2 2008 Oct. 28, 2008 to Oct. 29, 2008, Helsinki, Finland

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote: The Bitter Tale Of Desktop Security: Our 35-Year War Ivan Krstic It's 2008. About 75% of all corporate machines are infected with at least one piece ... Security
Sun Burns - Java Insecurities Joakim Sandstrˆm Demonstration of common design flaws and insecurities in java and java applets. How java can ... Security
A Day In The Life Of A Hacker Adam ( Major Malfunction ) Laurie Adam Laurie is a White Hat Hacker who spends his time travelling from country to ... Security
Evolution Of Kernel-Mode Malware Kimmo Kasslin A few years ago kernel malware were simple pieces of code whose purpose was to ... Security
Now You See It, Now You Dont - Obfuscation For Fun And Profit! Nishad Herath Obfuscation has most definitely left the barn. It has left the murky waters of DRM ... Security
Rfidiots!! Adam ( Major Malfunction ) Laurie This talk will present a roundup of attacks against RFID door entry systems, passports, human ... Security
Technical Introduction To The Ecosystem And Motivation Of Modern Ecrime Peter Kruse The presentation will be focusing on eCrime and Anti-phishing. You will be introduced to the ... Security
Iceberg Incorporated - A Peek Under The Surface Of The Criminal Enterprise Juhani ( Jussi ) Eronen , Jani Kentt‰l‰ , Lari Huttunen This presentation is about criminal enterprise which already has taken over more of the online ... Security
Sockstress - The Saga Continues... Jack C. Louis , Robert E. Lee This talk will divulge new technical details about Outpost24s (Jack C. Louis) research into TCP ... Security
Investigating Mobile Phones For Malware And Spying Tools Jarno Niemel‰ This presentation continues on the topic of mobile spying tools and malware that was given ... Security
Encrypting The Internet - A Modest Proposal Tiamo , Olleb On July 11th slashdot ran an article titled "The Pirate Bay's Plans To Encrypt the ... Security