SCADASecurityConference 2019 Nov. 4, 2019 to Nov. 5, 2019, Prague, Czech Republic

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Speech – Industry 4.0 – Artificial Intelligence – 5G Strategy Mr. Karel Havlíček N/A
Czech Digital Agenda Mr. Vladimír Dzurilla N/A
Opening Speech Mr. Dušan Navrátil , Mr. Petr Očko N/A
Involve IOT technologies into Civil Protection Services Col. Daniel Miklós N/A
General Partner Speech Mr. Tomáš Přibyl N/A
What will be the critical infrastructure of tomorrow? Mr. Vladimír Rohel N/A
ICS accessible from the Internet = bad (and very common) practice Mr. Jan Kopřiva N/A
SCADA Systems as Target of Cyber Attacks Mr. Jan Václavík N/A
New approaches to detection of SCADA threats Mr. Vladimír Sedláček N/A
Heartbeat to hell Mr. Tobias Schroedel The story of hacking a pacemaker. Two IT security specialists analyzed pacemakers and found some ...
Panel Discussion: Current and Future Cyber Threats – protect your SCADA system Mr. Tomáš Přibyl , Mr. Jan Václavík , Mr. Martin Fabry , Mr. Dettmer Hendrik , Mr. Kamil Tichý N/A
Expert Session Opening Mr. Lukáš Obořil N/A
Network monitoring and anomaly detection in ICS/SCADA Mr. Pavel Minařík N/A
1 + 1 = 3 : Joining forces for greater security of the inseparable worlds of IT and SCADA / ICS and IoT Mr. Tomáš Bárta N/A
Threat Monitoring in SCADA ICS Mr. Martin Fabry N/A
UKENERGO experience in counteracting cyber-security strikes Mr. Taras Vasyliv N/A
1st Day Closing Remarks Mr. Petr Jirásek N/A
2nd Conference Day Opening – SCADA Security as a part of security organization Mr. Miroslav Brvnišťan N/A
Expert Opening Speech Mr. Terry Halvorsen N/A
How to make 5G trustworthy technology Mr. Tomáš Pluhařík N/A
5G Technology Mr. Jan Beneš N/A
Opening Speech – New addictions as a source of new threats Col. Uher N/A
Cyberattack in Industry 4.0 and its defence Mr. Rostislav Doubek , Mr. Pavel Klimeš , Mr. Robert Kominka N/A
Weekend Warrior: Attacking the Future SCADA Now Dr. Bernhards Blumbergs N/A
One Way Data Transfer. Entirely Secure. Unlimited Tags. Mr. Petr Roupec N/A
Big Data in ICS Mr. Ladislav Straka N/A
Mobility and IoT, preparation of Prague Public Transit Co. Inc. for cyber security Mr. Jozef Šereg N/A
C-ITS security solution in C-ROADS Czech Republic project Mr. Miloslav Pavelka N/A
Conference Closing Remarks Mr. Tomáš Muller N/A