t2 2009 Oct. 28, 2009 to Oct. 29, 2009, Helsinki, Finland

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Mikko Hyppˆnen It is a keynote. Security
Sniff Keystrokes With Lasers/Voltmeters - Side Channel Attacks Using Optical Sampling Of Mechanical Energy And Power Line Leakage Andrea Barisani TEMPEST attacks, exploiting Electro Magnetic emissions in order to gather data, are often mentioned by ... Security
Playing In A Satellite Environment 1.2 Leonardo Nve This presentation acts as a warning call to those who use or provide data connection ... Security
Case M00P Mikko Hyppˆnen This presentation is a case study into an investigation against an international malware writing group. ... Security
Ten Years Of Vulnerability Handling - A Personal History Juhani ( Jussi ) Eronen Vulnerability work started for me on 7 July 1999 with the discovery of buffer overflows ... Security
Usb Attacks: Fun With Plug & 0Wn Rafael Dominguez Vega The era of serial port is far gone and now we have been invaded by ... Security
Lightning Talk: Discovering A New Class Of Vulnerability Through Binary Analysis Christien ( Dildog ) Rioux Working on a deep binary analysis and decompilation system has resulted in the discovery of ... Security
Keynote: Security Fail - We'Re Doing It Wrong Scott Mcintyre Working as the Chief Security Officer at an ISP and member of a national telco's ... Security
Don'T Do This At Home: 0Wning Botnets Felix Leder , Tillmann Werner The threat posed by botnets consisting of thousands of interconnected, remote-controlled computers is one of ... Security
Virtually (Un)Breakable? Mark Debenham With the increased attention being paid to virtualization over the last couple of years Mark ... Security
Technical Aspects Of Sap Security Alexander mikhailovich Polyakov Enterprise application security is one of the most important topics in computer security as nowadays ... Security
Forensics On Gsm Phones David Batanero Mobile phones, have become essential devices in our personal and professional lives. Today, the ring ... Security
Spying Via Bluetooth Jarno Niemel‰ We at F-Secure have from time to time received reports from people who think that ... Security
Advanced Mysql Exploitation Muhaimin Dzulfakar Attackers performing SQL injection on a MySQL platform must deal with several limitations and constraints. ... Security