PacSec 2003 Nov. 10, 2003 to Nov. 11, 2003, Tokyo, Japan
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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Honeypot Technology Lance Spitzner None Security
Incident Response Richard Forno None Security
Secure Network Infrastructure Deployment Nicolas Fischbach None Security
Is The Future So Bleak? An Analysis Of Proposed Worm Futures Jose Nazario None Security
Cisco Vulnerabilities: The Past, The Present, And The Future Felix ( FX ) Lindner None Security
Ip Version 6 Security Considerations Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino None Security
Passive Network Reconnaissance And Intrusion Data Analysis Martin Roesch None Security
State Of The Art Security From An Attacker'S Viewpoint. Iván Arce None Security
Modern Exploit Shellcode Generation And Attack Techniques Dave Aitel None Security
Advances In Openbsd Theo Deraadt None Security