CSLS 2019 Nov. 12, 2019 to Nov. 14, 2019, Berlin, Germany

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
AI Already Revolutionizes the Way We Do Cybersecurity & IAM Martin Kuppinger There are many challenges business are facing when they are implementing IAM and Cybersecurity, be ...
The Risk of Trusting AI in Cybersecurity Dr. Mariarosaria Taddeo N/A
Beyond Cloud - the Place Where Security, DevOps and Business Meet Ola Sergatchov As a result of the continous evolution of IT platforms, new environments and applications show ...
Challenges of a Global IAM Dr. Priebe Globalisation has spread business and production sites all over the world. Companies are faced with ...
AI in Cybersecurity: Between Hype and Reality Alexei Balaganski N/A
Next Generation Phishing – Social Engineering in Times of Voice Phishing, AI and DeepFake Dr. Niklas Hellemann N/A
Endpoint Protection/Anti-Malware and Endpoint Detection & Response - Buyer's Compass Preview John Tolbert N/A
Dissecting and Comparing Different Binaries to Malware Analysis Filipi Pires N/A
Zwischen Cyberkriminellen und übertriebener Security - Benutzerfreundlichkeit, Authentifizierung und CIAM Matthias Reinwarth N/A
Identity Management @ Miele - Implementierung eines CIAM und Ausblick in die Zukunft Dr. Daniel Brettschneider N/A
Legacy IAM vs. Moderne Identitätsplattformen für die vernetzte Welt Gerhard Zehethofer N/A
AI vs. AI - On The Next Paradigm Shift in Cyber Security Max Heinemeyer N/A
Panel - The Future of AI in Cybersecurity Max Heinemeyer , Dr. Mariarosaria Taddeo , Dr. Niklas Hellemann , Anoop Mangla , Assaf Pilo N/A
Ransomware Evolved – a Business of Managed Insecurity Bogdan Botezatu N/A
Centralized Endpoint Protection 2.0 Stefanie Pink N/A
Panel - Best Practices and Business Solutions Bogdan Pires N/A
Eine Welt ohne Passwörter – Magie oder Realität? Stefan Strobel N/A
Identität als Enabler der digitalen Transformation Kevin Switala N/A
Panel - Herausforderungen Eines Weltweiten CIAM Gerhard Zehethofer , Mathias Conradt , Kay Hellmich , Andre Priebe N/A
Threat Hunting with the Microsoft Cloud Tom Janetscheck N/A
Digital Transformation Resilience - Are You Really Prepared? Mike Small N/A
Slashing TTR: An Automation-First Approach to Incident Response Brian Wagner N/A
Wo kann KI IAM besser machen? Martin Kuppinger N/A
Konzepte der Identitäten in Künstlicher Intelligenz und mögliche Applikationen für Identitäts und Access Management Rolf Huber N/A
Intelligente Berechtigungsanalytik und -optimierung: Wunschgedanke oder Realität? Dr. Ludwig Fuchs N/A
The Art of Using Threat Intelligence to Improve Your Security Operations Orel Pery N/A
Panel - Threat Hunting: Making Data Informed Decisions Max Heinemeyer , Tom Pery N/A
Cyber Security and Risk Management Christian Nern N/A
Cyber Resilience – Every Second Counts (Video) Felicity Small N/A
Panel - How to Prevent Cyber Incidents and Reduce Their Impact John Wagner N/A
IAM using AI - Verwendung von Chatbots für IAM Sylvie Pflitsch N/A
Panel - Wie künstliche Intelligenz das IAM revolutioniert Rolf Huber , Dr. Ludwig Fuchs , Dr. Kopaczyk N/A
The Unpatchable Element Francisco Z. Gaspar N/A
Migration to a Modern IAG Solution - Experiences of Helsana Versicherungen AG René Grob For over 12 years, Helsana used an IAM solution based on NetIQ Identity Manager, which ...
IoT Security: A Standards’ Perspective Dr. Vangelis Gazis The Internet of Things tends to mean different things to different people. This diversity of ...
AI as an Enabler for Detecting PI Across Large Data Infrastructures Assaf Pilo N/A Next Generation ML based Data Intelligence Around Process Automation (DSGVO, GDPR, etc.)Christoph Weisshttps://www.kuppingercole.com/watch/csls2019_13_15_weissN/AN/A
The Information Protection Lifecycle John Tolbert Too often those of us in the cybersecurity space get wrapped up in comparing, deploying, ...
The Forgotten Story of Cyber Hygiene Klara Jordan - Despite two decades of innovation in cybersecurity industry cyber hygiene remains the fundamental building ...
Auditing Cybersecurity Governance: Putting the Elephant in the Fridge Dr. Komitas Stepanyan The term Cyber sounds very attractive and everyone wants to use this term nowadays. Although ...
The Real Cost of Cyber Security Incidents Per Thorsheim We see stories on data breaches every week, happening due to weak cyber security. Massive ...
IAM Coding Day: Access Management in P2P Carsharing N/a Coached by IAM experts from the iC Consult Group, 25 students from the KIT coded ...
Operationalizing Election Security Guidance Klara Jordan N/A
Inflections of Elections – When Ballot Rigging Meets Fraud Prevention Philipp Schneidenbach N/A
Be Faster Than the Regulations - What We Can Learn from KRITIS Christopher Schuetze N/A
Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) - A Cybersecurity Perspective Alam Mohammad N/A
Monetarisierung von APIs - Herausforderungen und Best Practices Giullian Franke N/A
Zero Downtime im API Management durch Automatisierung des Releaseprozesses - eine praxiserprobte Methode Waldemar Rosenfeld N/A
Georgia’s 10 Year Cyber Security Challenge Mari Malvenishvili N/A
Panel - New Cybersecurity Challenges: Cyber-conflitcs in Perspective Director , Philipp Schneidenbach , Klara Jordan , Mari Malvenishvili N/A
Panel - Future of Industrial IoT & Critical Infrastructure Security Gerhard Zehethofer , Dr. Vangelis Gazis , Alam Mohammad , Pablo Endres N/A
Von On-Premise bis Multi-Cloud Umgebungen - eine praxisnahe Betrachtung zu APIs Eleni Richter N/A
Bereitstellung einer flexiblen, sicheren und hochskalierbaren IAM API Rob Macgregor N/A
Everything as Code – Ensuring Compliance and Governance for IAM Dr. Heiko Klarl N/A
Password Security in 2019 - More Important Than Ever Before! Per Thorsheim N/A
API Management & Security - Leadership Compass Preview Alexei Balaganski N/A
Security vs. DevOps and API Management - How to Deal with the Clash of Interests Andre Priebe N/A
PAM: Höchste Sicherheit für kritische Ressourcen und Endpoints Stefan Rabben N/A
Lektionen von Dinosauriern: Die konvergierende Welt der Identität Diana Volere N/A
Sicherheit beginnt hier.......... Identität Ian Stimpson N/A
The Language of Security Jean-christophe Gaillard N/A
Engineering Cybersecurity – The Knowledge Gap in Automotive Philipp Veronesi N/A
Blink and You’ve Been Hacked Rolf Huber N/A
Next Gen Cloud Storage Security: from Secure Infrastructure to Secure Data APIs Guy Lifshitz N/A
Building DevOps Ready Micro Ola Sergatchov N/A
The Big Picture – wie PAM und IGA zusammen gehören Christopher Schuetze N/A
Panel - PAM für Ihr Unternehmen: Trends und Lösungen Eleni Richter , Matthias Reinwarth , Stefan Rabben , Martin Scherrer N/A
Embracing the Human Factor Benjamin T. Schlabs IT security departments are no longer just responsible for securing digital assets and appliances. They ...