FNSS 2019 Nov. 27, 2019 to Nov. 29, 2019, Melbourne, Australia

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Talk 1: Physical Layer Security Prof Jinho Choi N/A
Keynote Talk 2: Industrial Internet of Things: Discovery, Sensing to Smart Services Dr Prem Jayaraman N/A
Keynote Talk 3: Why do so few digital health innovations disrupt practice? : an iterative technological, business and clinical use-case model A/prof Andrew S N/A
Attainable Hacks on Keystore Files in Ethereum Wallets - A Systematic Analysis Purathani Praitheesan N/A
Pseudonymization Approach in a Health IoT System to Strengthen Security and Privacy Results from OCARIoT Project ( Sérgio Ribiero N/A
Analysis of In-Vehicle Security System of Smart Vehicles Nazeeruddin Mohammad N/A
Performance Evaluation of LoRaWAN for Mission-Critical IoT Networks Biplob Ray N/A
MetaCom: Profiling Meta Data to detect Compromised Accounts in Online Social Networks Ravneet Kaur N/A
Thermal Distribution Change of Optical Fiber Terminal Based NG-PON2 Link Security Monitoring Technology Xiaokai Ye N/A
Keynote Talk 4: Network Science: Cyber and Infrastructure Security Prof Harish Kumar N/A
Digital Forensics for Drone Data - Intelligent Clustering using Self-Organising Maps Zubair Baig N/A
An Efficient Dynamic Group-based Batch Verication Scheme for Vehicular Sensor Networks Frank Jiang N/A
Ad-hoc Framework for E cient Network Security for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Samsul Haque N/A
System Usage Profiling Metrics for Notifications on Abnormal User Behavior Kanwal Gagneja N/A
A New Lightweight Encryption Approach for Correlated Content Exchange in Internet of Things Layth Sliman N/A
An Investigation of Using Time and Ambient Conditions to Sense the Unexpected Removal of RFID Tag Yuju Tu N/A
Asymmetric Information in High-Value Low-Frequency Transactions: Mitigation in Real Estate Using Blockchain Gabrielle Peko N/A
Cancelable Palmprint Feature Generation Method Based on Minimum Signature Jian Qiu N/A
Intrusion Detection System Classifier for VANET Based on Pre-processing Feature Extraction Ghaith Khalil N/A
Quorum Chain-Based Malware Detection in Android Smart Devices Frank Jiang N/A
Critical Evaluation of RFID Applications in Healthcare Selwyn Piramuthu N/A