WISTP 2019 Dec. 11, 2019 to Dec. 11, 2019, Paris, France

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote speaker: How to Compartment Secrets - Trust Everybody, but Cut the Cards David Naccache N/A
A Lattice-based Enhanced Privacy ID Paulo Martins , Nada El Kassem , Luís Fiolhais , Liqun Sousa N/A
A Generic View on the Unified Zero-Knowledge Protocol and its Applications George Maimut N/A
Verifiable and Private Oblivious Polynomial Evaluation David Gerault , Hardik Gajera , Matthieu Giraud , Manik Lafourcade N/A
Monomial Evaluation of Polynomial Functions Protected by Threshold Implementations -- With an Illustration on AES -- Simon Landry , Yanis Prouff N/A
Strong Designated Verifier Signature Based on the Rank Metric Hafsa Soudi N/A
A Lightweight Implementation of NTRU Prime for the Post-Quantum Internet of Things Daniel Dinu , Peter Ryan , Hao Cheng , Johann Groszschaedl N/A
Keynote speaker: Homomorphic encryption for deep learning: a revolution in the making Pascal Paillier N/A
Fault Injection Characterization on modern CPUs - From the ISA to the Micro-Architecture Thomas Trouchkine , Guillaume Clediere N/A
Threat Analysis of Poisoning Attack against Ethereum Blockchain Teppei Sato , Mitsuyoshi Omote N/A
A Template-based Method for the Generation of Attack Trees Jeremy W. Bryans , Lin Shen Liew , Hoang Nga Nguyen , Giedre Sabaliauskaite , Siraj Zhou N/A
Analysis of QUIC Session Establishment and its Implementations Eva Levillain N/A
CompactFlow: A Hybrid Binary Format for Network Flow Data Michal Piskozub , Riccardo Martinovic N/A
SSI-AWARE: Self-Sovereign Identity Authenticated backup With Auditing by Remote Entities Philipp Jakubeit , Wouter Kuijper , Albert Peter N/A
Automated Security Analysis of IoT Software Updates Davide Caputo , Luca Verderame , Nicolas Dejon , Alessandro Merlo N/A
Towards a Context-Aware Security and Privacy as a Service in the Internet of Things Tidiane Sylla , Mohamed Aymen Chalouf , Francince Samaké N/A