BDCSIntell 2019 Dec. 12, 2019 to Dec. 14, 2019, Beirut, Lebanon

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Mining Business Process Information from Email Logs for Business Process Models Discovery Diana Jlailaty N/A
Data Link Discovery Tools for Big Linked Data: A comprehensive study on SILK and LIMES Houssein Dhayne , Hanan Kilany N/A
Building Change Detection in Aerial Images Fatima Mroueh , Ihab Chaitou N/A
Using Embedding-based Metrics to expedite patients recruitment process for clinical trials Houssein Kilany N/A
Moving Object Data Analysis – Pattern of Life Discovery Wissame Laddada N/A
Personal Information Privacy: What’s Next? Khodor Hammoud , Salima Benbernou , Mourad Ouziri , Yucel Saygin , Rafiqul Taher N/A
Extracting Attribute-Based Access Control Rules from Business Process Event Logs Amani Abou Rida , Nour Gaaloul N/A
Big Data Seeks Value, Make it Ethical Elie Charara N/A
A Big Data driven smart framework for real-time surveillance and analysis of individual exposure to radioactive pollution Hadi Fadlallah , Rafiqul Jaber N/A
Towards an Autonomous Radiation Early Warning System Mohammad Al-saleh , Béatrice Finance , Rafiqul Haque , Yehia Taher , And Ali Jaber N/A
An Edge Centric Middleware for City Surveillance Platform (CityPro) Mariam Hakim , Ibrahim Dbouk N/A
ElasticBloC: A Massively Scalable Architecture For Blockchain Based Applications Rafiqul Jaber , Hadi Jibbawi N/A
A Silver Standard Arabic Corpus for Segmentation and Validation Hussein Awdeh , Adelle Abdallah , Gilles Bernard , Mohammad Sayed N/A
A novel contribution to an hybrid INS/GPS system using a fuzzy approach Wassim Alwan N/A
Anomaly Detection on DNS Traffic using Big Data and Machine Learning Boon Soh , Eugene Balachandran N/A
Network Traffic Classification based on Class Weight based K-NN Classifier (CWK-NN) Mohammad Hijazi , Jawad Verdejo N/A
Calculating the average using Paillier’s cryptosystem Christiana Zaraket , Maroun Nicolas N/A