PacSec 2007 Nov. 10, 2007 to Nov. 11, 2007, Tokyo, Japan
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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Programmed I/O Accesses: A Threat To Virtual Machine Monitors? Loic Duflot None Security
Developing Fuzzers With Peach Michael Eddington None Security
Cyber Attacks Against Japan Hiroshi Kawaguchi None Security
Windows Localization: Owning Asian Windows Versions Kostya Kortchinsky None Security
Tomoyo Linux Toshiharu Harada None Security
Ipv6 Demystified Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino None Security IPv6
Automated Javascript Deobfuscation Alex Rice None Security
Enter Sandman (Why You Should Never Go To Sleep) Nicolas Ruff , Matthieu Suiche None Security
Agent-Oriented Sql Abuse Fernando Russ , Diego Tiscornia None Security
Bad Ideas: Using A Jvm/Clr For Intellectual Property Protection Marc Schöenefeld None Security
Heap Exploits Are Dead. Heap Exploits Remain Dead. And We Have Killed Them. Nicolas Waisman None Security
Deploying And Operating A Global Distributed Honeynet David Watson None Security