BSidesLeeds 2020 Jan. 24, 2020 to Jan. 24, 2020, Leeds, UK

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Dan Cuthbert N/A
Building a Data Driven AppSec programme with Kiln Dan Murphy N/A
Account Shops, Credential Stuffing, and Dumps. A look at a microcosm of the cybercrime ecosystem Darren Martyn N/A
Confessions of a 90's Hacker Scene Glenn Pegden N/A
A Rainbow of Grey Dan Smart N/A
Rogue Neil Lines N/A
Academia is Failing Infosec - How Industry Can Help Callum Lake N/A
Introducing Office 365 Attack Toolkit Rio Sherri N/A
Confessions of a Lock Collector Steve A8n_pub N/A
The Quantum Zone Dr. Wilson N/A
Phineas Fisher Jake Orgleeds N/A
A brief history of anti-piracy Rael Sasiak-rushby N/A
All about Kazaa Tom Hargreaves N/A
Introduction in to CTF - FOR ALL! Matthew Card N/A
Between a lock and a hard place: visions of the security industry from the Victorian era to the present Yanna P N/A
A Talk on IoT Devices their Vulnerabilities and Potential Exploits Beverley N/A
Low cost security hardening. Blue teaming very low budget hardware Cyber Scott N/A
Hacking reimaged retro computers David Lodge N/A