PacSec 2008 Nov. 10, 2008 to Nov. 11, 2008, Tokyo, Japan
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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Putting An Ssh Server In Your Nic Arrigo Trulzi None Security
Gone In 900 Seconds, Some Crypto Issues With Wpa Erik Tews None Security
Browser Memory Protection Bypasses: Virtual Machines Mark Dowd None Security
Cross Domain Leakiness: Divulging Sensitive Information And Attacking Ssl Sessions Chris Evans , Billy Rios None Security
Flash Xss Rich Cannings None Security
Malicious Origami In Pdf Fredric Raynal , Guillaume Delugre None Security
Security For Virtual And Physical Server Environment Akiko Takahashi None Security
Living In The Ria World (Flash/Air, Silverlight, Gears, Prism, Browsernow, Html5) David Thiel None Security
Understanding Cross-Domain Models And Threats Peleus Uhley None Security
Gaining Access Through Kerberos Emmanuel Bouillon None Security
A New Web Attack Vector: Script Fragmentation Stephan Chenette None Security
Countermeasure To Ssh Brute Force Attack According To Behaviour Tetsuo Handa None Security
Advances In Automated Attack Planning Carlos Sarraute , Alejandro David Weil None Security