SSCC'19 2019 Dec. 18, 2019 to Dec. 21, 2019, Kerala, India

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Physical Layer Security in Bidirectional Communication with SWIPT Shashibhushan Sharma , Sanjay Dhar Roy , Sumit Kundu N/A
PhishSKaPe: A Content Based Approach to Escape Phishing Attacks Ankit Kumar Jain , Sakshi Parashar , Palak Katare , Isha Sharma N/A
Cover Dependent Watermarking Against Ambiguity Attacks Neha Singh , Sandeep Birla N/A
A Secured Data Hiding Using Affine Transformation in Video Steganography Mritha Ramalingam , Nor Isa , Puviarasi Ramalingam N/A
Evaluation of N-Gram Based Multi-Layer Approach to Detect Malware in Android Takia Islam , Sheikh Rahman , Md. Aumit Hasan , Abu Rahaman , Md. Ismail Jabiullah N/A
A Comparative Evaluation of Community Detection Algorithms in Social Networks Roy George , Khalil Shujaee , Mohamed Kerwat , Zineb Felfli , Damilola Ukuwu N/A
Backtracking Tool Root-Tracker to Identify True Source of Cyber Crime Rachana Patil , Satish Devane N/A
An Ensemble Approach for Algorithmically Generated Domain Name Detection Using Statistical and Lexical Analysis Mohan Anand Putrevu , Gireesh Kumar T , Venkata Putrevu N/A
A Framework for Detecting Phishing Websites Using GA Based Feature Selection and ARTMAP Based Website Classification S Priya , Selvakumar Subramanian N/A
PhishPreventer: A Secure Authentication Protocol for Prevention of Phishing Attacks in Mobile Environment with Formal Verification Sriramulu Bojjagani , Denslin Rao N/A
A Comparative Study of Static Code Analysis Tools for Vulnerability Detection in C/C++ and JAVA Source Code Ruchikaa Nayyar , Arvinder Kaur N/A
Improved PSO for Optimizing the Performance of Intrusion Detection Systems Anne Thomas N/A
Image Forgery Detection Using Deep Textural Features from Local Binary Pattern Map Remya Revi K , Wilscy M N/A
Apache Spark Based Real-time DDoS Detection System Nilesh Vishwasrao Patil , C. Rama Krishna , Krishan Kumar N/A
Combining Trust and Reputation as User Influence in Cross Domain Group Recommender System (CDGRS) Richa Singh , Punam Bedi N/A
A Fuzzy Based System for Target Search Using Top-Down Visual Attention Amudha J , Divya Kv , Aarthi R N/A
A Log-periodic Spiral Antenna Array for L-band Radio Interferometric Imaging Pradeep Kumar , Rajagopalan T , Ga Shanmugha Sundaram N/A
Knowledge Discovery in Medical and Biological Datasets by Integration of Relief-F and Correlation Feature Selection Techniques Srishti Gupta , Alok Shukla , Sanjeev Kumar Pippal , B Reddy , Diwakar Tripathi N/A
Empirical Study on Imbalanced Learning of Arabic Sentiment Polarity with Neural Word Embedding El-sayed M. El-alfy , Sadam Al-azani N/A
Towards Evaluating the Robustness of Deep Intrusion Detection Models in Adversarial Environment Sriram S , Simran K , Vinayakumar R , Akarsh P N/A
Intrusion Detection Systems for Smart Home IoT Devices: Experimental Comparison Study Nicholas Kolokotronis , Faisal Alsakran , Gueltoum Bendiab , Stavros Shiaeles N/A
Deep Learning Approach for Enhanced Cyber Threat Indicators in Twitter Stream Simran K , Vinayakumar R , Prathiksha Balakrishna , Soman K P N/A
A Resilient Hierarchical Checkpointing Algorithm for Distributed Systems Running on Cluster Federation Houssem Pathan N/A
Enhancing Enterprise IT Security with a Visualization-based Process Framework Tanja Hanauer , Wolfgang F. Hommel N/A
The Impact of a Security Model in a Fog Computing Environment Nhlakanipho Fakude , Paul Tarwireyi , Matthew Adigun N/A
Detecting the Zeus Banking Malware Using the Random Forest Binary Classification Algorithm and a Manual Feature Selection Process Mohamed Ali Kazi , Steve Gan N/A
Privacy Preserving Profile Matching in Mobile Social Networks: A Comprehensive Survey Rohini Bhosale , Madhumita Chatterjee N/A
Energy Awareness and Secure Communication Protocols: The Era of Green Cybersecurity Aniello Castiglione , Marco Castaldo , Barbara Masucci , Michele Pero N/A
Towards a Privacy Web Scanner for End-Users Myriam Ruiz-martínez N/A
Keynote: Denial of Service Attacks on Software-Defined NetworksDetailsgo to top Dr. Rajendra Boppana Software-defined networking facilitates better network management by decoupling the data and control planes of legacy ...
WCI Keynote: Security of Quantum CryptographyDetailsgo to top Dr. Anindita Banerjee Quantum cryptography is one of the most mature areas of quantum information. In the past ...
Pipelined Implementation of Millar Rabin Primality Tester Using Altera FPGA Kit Qasem Abu Al-haija , Mohamad Asad , Ibrahim Marouf , Pankaj Mishra N/A
Detection and Analysis of Drive-by-Downloads and Malicious Websites Saeed Ibrahim , Nawwaf Al Harmi , Ebrahim Al Naqbi , Monther Aldwairi N/A
Intrusion Prediction and Detection with Deep Sequence Modeling Gaurav Ms N/A
Secret Image Sharing Scheme for Gray-level Images Using Toeplitz Matrix Based Stream Cipher Shailendra Kumar Tripathi , Bhupendra Gupta , Soundra Pandian , Yumnam Jayanta Singh N/A
A Proximity-based Measure for Quantifying the Risk of Vulnerabilities Ghanshyam Bopche , Gopal N. Rai , Denslin Brabin , Babu Mehtre N/A
Controlling Uncertainty with Proactive Cyber Defense: A Clausewitzian Perspective Sampsa Rauti N/A
A Multiview Human Videos Dataset Paola Barra , Carmen Bisogni , Michele Nappi , David Castrillon-santana N/A
Exploitation of HTTP/2 Proxies for Cryptojacking Meenakshi Suresh , Anil Kumar Vengalil , Sethumadhavan M , Amritha Pp N/A