ekoparty 2010 Sept. 16, 2010 to Sept. 17, 2010, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Understanding The Win Smb Ntlm Weak Nonce Vulnerability Agustin Azubel None Security
Exploiting Digital Cameras Alfredo Ortega None Security
Web Application Security Payloads Andrès Pablo Riancho None Security
Jackpotting Automated Teller Machines Barnaby Jack None Security
Hacking, An Activity Of Public Interest? Cèdric ( Sid ) Blancher None Security
Token Kidnapping'S Revenge Cesar Cerrudo None Security
Pentesting Driven By Foca Es Una Herramienta Gratuita Que Permite Realizar Tareas De Fingerprinting Utilizando Chema Alonso None Security
Understanding The Low Fragmentation Heap: From Allocation To Exploitation Chris Valasek None Security
Virtually Pwned: Pentesting Vmware Claudio Criscione None Security
Distinguishing Lockpicks: Raking Vs Lifting Vs Jiggling And More Deviant Ollam Security
Wpa Migration Mode: Wep Is Back To Haunt You... Diego Sor None Security
Iphone Rootkit? There'S An App For That! Eric Monti None Security
Network-Based Detection Of Pe Structural Anomalies And Linker Characteristics Gary Golomb None Security
Atacando Voip....Un Paraiso Giovanni Cruz None Security
Understanding The Windows Smb Ntlm Weak Nonce Vulnerability Hernan Ochoa None Security
Padding Oracles Everywhere Juliano Rizzo None Security
Sap Backdoors: A Ghost At The Heart Of Your Business Mariano Croze None Security
Wrong Way,.. A Black Hat True Story Michael Hudson None Security
Sandboxing Based On Seccomp For Linux Kernel Nicol·s Bareil None Security
2X1 Microsoft Bugs: 'Virtual Pc Hyper-Hole-Visor' + 'Windows Creation Vulnerability (Ms10-048)' Nicol·s Economou None Security
Historias De 0Days, Disclosing Y Otras Yerbas Cesar Cerrudo None Security
Hanging On A Rope Pablo Solè None Security
Your Life Online: No More Secrets Marty Roelof ( RT ) Temmingh None Security