ekoparty 2009 Sept. 16, 2009 to Sept. 17, 2009, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Playing In A Satellite Environment 1.2 Leonardo Nve None Security
Connection String Attacks Chema Alonso None Security
Attacking Sms Luis Miras None Security
Wifi Power Save Dos (Turbo Talk) Leandro Federico Meiners None Security
Heuristics Applied To The Comparison (Diffeo) Binary Nicolas Economou None Security
Ten Things Everyone Should Know Lockpicking And Physical Security Are Deviant Ollam None Security
Show Me The Guitar Pedram Amini None Security
Opening Intranets To Attacks By Using Internet Explorer Cesar Cerrudo None Security
Sccp Hacking, Attacking The Ss7 & Sigtran Applications One Step Further And Mapping The Phone System Philippe Langlois None Security
Posix Meterpreter Sebasti·n Fernandez None Security
Iphone Hacking: Fuzzing And Payloads Charlie Miller None Security
Anibal Sacco Desactivando Rootkits Alfredo Ortega None Security