HumanHackingConference 2020 Feb. 20, 2020 to Feb. 22, 2020, Orlando, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
The Art and Science of Driving Secure Behaviors Perry Carpenter N/A
A Meteoric Rise From Custodial Engineer to CEO and Buying The Entire 14th Floor Jay Korpi N/A
Hacking the C-Suite…Finally Declassified: How Executive Search Firms Infiltrate the C-Suite, Get the Talent to Defect, and Alter the Course of Global Business Domini Clark N/A
“SEeing” Potential in Your Team Chris Hadnagy N/A
Which Pentest is Right for You Ryan Macdougall N/A
Active Measures Wayne Ronaldson N/A
Scaling Phish: Pentesting the SMB Chris Silvers N/A
Two of Clubs Robert Janitor N/A
Hacking Into “WHY” Story Works Stephanie Paul N/A
Us Before I Allie Hansen N/A
The Human Factor Chase Hughes N/A
Personalities, Perceptions and Persuasion Maxie Reynolds N/A
SE Teaming vs. Red Teaming Ryan Macdougall N/A
Enemy of the State Wayne Ronaldson N/A
Anatomy of a Red Team Jeremy Dodson N/A
Social Engineering Panel Amanda Berlin , Stephanie Paul , R Paul Wilson , Nick Furneaux , And Joe Navarro , Dov Caldwell N/A
Keynote Address Chris Hadnagy , Joe Navarro The Next Biggest Social Engineering Vector