Snowfroc 2020 March 5, 2020 to March 5, 2020, Denver, US

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
AppData Oh My... Oh No! Nick Wiebelhaus N/A
As Bs And Four Cs Of Testing Cloud Native Applications Dan Cornell N/A
Climbing AppSec Mountains Adam Schaal N/A
Cyberpsychology Dr. Huffman N/A
JavaScript Framework Security Ksenia Peguero N/A
Passwords Aaron Costen N/A
Patch Production Now Frank S. Rietta N/A
Purposeful Personal Branding Cassandra Faris N/A
Demystifying CTFs Barrett Darnell N/A
Top 10 Proactive Privacy Controls Greg Sternberg N/A
Three Reasons Developers Struggle with App Sec... and How to Make it Easier Scott Gerlach N/A
Automate or Die Anthony Baer N/A
Insufficient Logging & Monitoring Mike Triplett N/A