ISEA 2020 Feb. 27, 2020 to March 1, 2020, Guwahati, India

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Tradeoff between Disclosable and Private Latent Information Revealed via Compressed One: an ADMM-Based Approach Prof. Shuangqing Wei N/A
Keynote I: A New Quality-Time-As-An-Advantage Paradigm for Zero-Pre-Configuration Pairing Schemes for IoT Devices/Networks Prof. Guan Yong N/A
AI in Cyber Defence Col. (retd) N/A
Keynote II: Securing Hardware for Designing Trustworthy Systems Prof. Prabhat Mishra N/A
Mastering the Social Networks Prof. Rami Puzis N/A
Secure Connectivity for a Smarter World Bedanta Choudhury N/A
Secure your organizations network Prabhu Kumar N/A
Android Threat Landscape- An industrial perspective Aditi Bhatnagar N/A
Keynote IV: Malware Analysis: Beating the Bad Guys Prof. Rajeev Barua N/A
Security Notions for the VeraGreg Framework and Their Reductions Jakub Trummova N/A
Singleton Flow Traceback (SFT) Mechanism (DDoS) Ram Bhattacharyya N/A
A secured land registration framework on Blockchain Meghali Nandi , Rajat Kanti Bhattacharjee , Amrit Barbhuiya N/A
Detection of DDoS Attack and Classification Using a Hybrid Approach Suman Nandi , Santanu Majumder N/A
Implementation of AES Using Composite Field Arithmetic for IoT Applications Thockchom Birjit Singha , Roy Ahamed N/A
On The DSA Key Recovery Attack with Variable Partial Nonces Known Jiji Singh N/A
Investigating Elliptic Curve Cryptography for Securing Smart Grid Environments Deepak K. N/A
Secure transmission of Hyperspectral Images Oruganti Sai Srujana , Nikhil Pais N/A
Graph Convolutional Nets for Android Malware Detection with System Call Graphs Teenu John , Tony Emmanuel N/A
An Approach to Identify Vulnerable Features of Instant Messenger Vineeta Jain , Divya Tomar N/A
XSSD: A Cross-site Scripting Attack Dataset and its Evaluation Upasana Sarmah , Dhruba Kalita N/A
A Traffic Monitoring and Policy Enforcement Framework for HTTP Navarikuth Muraleedharan , Anna Thomas , S Bindhumadhava N/A
Parallel Itoh-Tsujii inversion Algorithm for FPGA Platforms Kalaiarasi M , Venkatasubramani Sivasubramanian N/A
Inter-Planetary File System Enabled Blockchain Solution For Securing Healthcare Records Raghavendra Manjappa N/A
Implementation of Minimally Shared Blockchains using Big Data Applications Kausthav Pratim Kalita , Debojit Bhattacharyya N/A
An Approach Towards Resisting Side-Channel Attacks for Secured Testing of Advanced Encryption Algorithm (AES) Cryptochip Nandit Lata N/A
Provisioning Privacy and Accountability in Participatory Sensing Tejendrakumar Marchang N/A
2SPUF: Machine Learning Attack Resistant SRAM PUF Vikash Kumar Rai , Somanath Mathew N/A
Enhancing Privacy in a Blockchain-based Public Key Infrastructure Amalan Singh N/A
A LDPC codes based Authentication Scheme Apurva Kittur , Swapnil Pais N/A
Security Testbed for Next Generation Mobile Networks Ashok Kumar , Ranjani V. N/A
DeDOP: Deduplication with cross-server Ownership over encrypted data Hardik Das N/A
Enhanced Anonymity: Customized for Roaming and Non-Roaming IoT-Devices in 5G Mobile Network Hiten Choudhury N/A
Secure Multi-factor Authentication for Remote Login and Reallife Application Ruhul Amin N/A
Design and Analysis of Techniques for Secure CloudStorage Services Sanjeet Kumar Nayak N/A
Analysis of Intra and Inter App(s) in Android Shweta Bhandari N/A
DDoS Attacks in Cloud Computing Gaurav Somani N/A
Investigating and Devising Privacy Preserving Approaches for Location Based Services Ruchika Gupta N/A
Distributed Denial of Service Attack Detection using Data Mining Techniques Nazrul Hoque N/A