ekoparty 2008 Sept. 16, 2008 to Sept. 17, 2008, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Economies Of Scale In Hacking Dave Aitel None Security
Sap Penetration Testing & Defense In-Depth Mariano Croce None Security
Console Hacking Victor Muòoz None Security
Blackbox Reversing Of Xss Filters Alexander Sotirov None Security
Daniel Mende Exploring Novelty Ways In Building Botnets Simon Rich None Security
Luiz Eduardo New Tool For Monitoring Wifi: Beholder Nelson Murilo None Security
Alfredo Ortega Smartphones (In)Security Nicolas Economou None Security
Tcp/Ip Protocols Security Results Analisys Fernando Gont Security
A Domain Specific Language For Static Binary Analysis Julien Vanegue None Security
Unleashing Adobe Javascript Pablo Solè None Security
In-Depth Anti-Forensics - Challeges Of Steganography On Discovery Hidden Data Domingo Montanaro None Security
Tell How You Attack And I Will Tell You Who You Are Sebasti·n Garcìa None Security
Attacking Rsa Using A New Method Of Integer Factorization Hugo Scolnik None Security
Maximiliano Bertacchini Predictive Pseudo-Random Numbers Generator In Debian Luciano Bello None Security