CyberSecurityforIndustrialControlSystems 2020 March 5, 2020 to March 6, 2020, London, UK

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
NCSC Update: How has the NIS directive impacted the cybersecurity sector? What are the lessons learned? and What are the challenges ahead? N/a N/A
Regulator’s perspective: Managing cybersecurity for critical systems, standards, guidelines and challenges Sarabjit Purewal N/A
Expert Briefing: How can companies respond to the NIS guidelines in order to remain compliant? Mo Javadi N/A
Industrial cyber-security solutions for critical business operations Stuart Mann N/A
Review on the operational cyber security for the industrial Internet of Things including future energy, transport, infrastructure and manufacturing Robert Hannigan N/A
Analysing the changing landscape of cybersecurity for the energy and utility markets Philip Tonkin N/A
Assessing risk in industrial control networks: A practitioner’s view from the field Rob Turner N/A
Secure by design: Integrating cyber defence into ICS/OT design and framework Andy Powell N/A
Cybersecurity management for the maritime and oil and gas sector: Protecting critical infrastructure and systems from cyber attacks Matthew Freeman N/A
Industry examples and case studies for countering cyber attacks Sanjay Chhillar N/A
Overcoming cybersecurity challenges for the manufacturing and supply chain in the era of industrial automation Victor Lough N/A
Overcoming the skill-shortage N/a N/A
Meeting the skill and knowledge gap for UK’s cybersecurity industry N/a N/A
Managing the impact of ICS cybersecurity on safety critical systems: How does cybersecurity affect deterministic safety measures? Nigel Stanley N/A
Commercial off-the-shelf and out of the Box – Moving beyond black box assets Phillip Corner N/A
OT Assessments, same but different – Cross sector experience of using outcome-focused OT assessments’ Tim Ennis N/A
Scaling cyber-physical systems throughout the organisation: What are the opportunities and challenges to consider at each stage? Matt Leipnik N/A
From preventive to reactive systems: Redefining your cybersecurity game plan for the changing world Lesley Kipling N/A
Analysing the changing cybersecurity landscape and compliance issues around GDPR Graeme Mcgowan N/A
Why sync and timing are critical for industrial OT networks Chris Farrow N/A
The Human Virus – Addressing the human element in cybersecurity for critical systems Blane Judd N/A
Innovation, AI and cloud computing in OT and IoT and its impact on cyber security for critical control systems Paul Dorey N/A
Industry Panel: What are the cybersecurity challenges for OT systems and supply chain today and what are the investment priorities? Victor Lough , Phillip Corner , Sarah Hadfield N/A