ekoparty 2007 Sept. 16, 2007 to Sept. 17, 2007, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Openbsd Remote Exploit Alfredo Ortega None Security
The Computer Forensics Challenge And Anti-Forensics Techniques Domingo Montanaro None Security
Improving Tcp/Ip Security Fernando Gont None Security
W3Af A Framwork To Own The Web Andrès Pablo Riancho None Security
Vulndev As Intelligent Debugging Damien Gomez None Security
Hacking The Big Brother Joao Batista Correa None Security
Kernek Intrusion Detection System Rodrigo Branco Kids None Security
You Have Pending Upgrades... Francisco Amato Evilgrade None Security
Oracle Security Esteban MartÌnez Fayû None Security
Antiforensics 101 Leonardo Pigner None Security
Attacking The Giants: Explotiting Sap Internals Mariano Croce None Security
Ng Debuggers For Reverse Engineering Julio Auto None Security
The Wayback Machine:Old School Hacking Julio Cesar Fort None Security