CanSecWest 2020 March 18, 2020 to March 18, 2020, Vancouver, Canada

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Presentation: "A Short Walk Down OPSEC Lane" Krassmir Tzvetanov N/A
"Hacking Playstation Blue Ray Drives" Boris Larin N/A
"The ARM-X Firmware Emulation Framework" Saumil Udayan Shah N/A
"The Risk of AI Abuse: Towards Deepfake Attacks and Defenses" Mengyun Tang , Ge Pei , Wen Zhou N/A
"Remixing Trheat Intelligence To Find Threats" Sebastien Tricaud N/A
"Inside Hidden Cobra, A Look At Nation States' Cyber Offensive Programs" Ryan Roccia N/A
"Assumptions, the Deadliest Vulnerability" Pete Herzog N/A
"Fun and Cisco Games" Steve Dugan N/A
"Tools and Techniques for Cognitive Security" Sara-jayne Johnston N/A
"Hacking Tesla Model 3 - NFC Relay Revisit" Huajiang "Kevin2600" Chen N/A
"DevOps and DevSecOps" Yair "mrglass" Silbermitnz N/A
"MISP The Open Source Threat Intelligence Eco System" Alexandre Iklody N/A
"RFQuack - Cheap and easy RF analysis Andrea Guglielmini N/A
"Kubernetes Attack and Defense - Avengers Style" Jay Beale N/A
"Security Awareness of Emergency Alert Apps" Marc Schoenefelld N/A
"Super-root: A Powerful and Stealthy Technique to Hack ARM Devices" Yueqiang Zhang N/A
"Practical Exploitation of Insecure Randomness"i Nathaniel Lattimer N/A
"Deploying Large Scale VPNs" Rogier Kooman N/A