BlueHat 2009 Oct. 14, 2009 to Oct. 15, 2009, Redmond, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Speaker Vinny Gullotto None Security
Politically Motivated Denial Of Service Attacks Jose Nazario The rapid growth of the Internet has been mirrored by a growing number of packet ... Security
Ria Security: Real-World Lessons From Flash And Silverlight Peleus Uhley , Jesse Collins With great power comes great responsibility. Rich Internet Application frameworks like Adobe Flash and Flex ... Security
The Language Of Trust: Exploiting Trust Relationships In Active Content Ryan Smith , David Dewey Interactive content has become increasingly powerful and more flexible over the last few years, with ... Security
Attacking Sms Luis Miras , Zane Lackey With the increased usage of text messaging around the globe, SMS provides an ever-widening attack ... Security
Mobile Security And Software Radio Josh Lackey Security research on mobile phones is quickly gaining critical mass. Researchers are examining the attack ... Security
Iphone Sms Hacking With A Touch About Payloads Charlie Miller This talk will briefly introduce the the iPhone security architecture. It will then demonstrate how ... Security
Mobile Operator Security: Security Challenges For Global Networks For Pocket-Sized Devices Patrick Mccanna What does it mean to implement security in a mobile carrier's network? Can't you just ... Security
Cloudifornication: Indiscriminate Information Intercourse Involving Internet Infrastructure Chris Hoff What was in is now out. This metaphor holds true not only as an accurate ... Security
Get Your Head Out Of The Clouds: Security In Software-Plus-Services John Walton Software-plus-Services (S+S) is a rapidly-growing industry approach for the next generation of computing. It is ... Security
Creating Clouds: Avoiding Rain In The Transition From On-Premise To Services Robert Fly As more and more traditional software projects begin to move to the cloud and are ... Security
Sharing The Cloud With Your Enemy Billy Rios , Nathan Mcfeters Thanks to the plethora of emerging of cloud service offerings, the sheer power of computation ... Security
Making Software Dumber Tavis Ormandy , Neel Mehta We describe our experience with a system designed to select optimal input seed candidates for ... Security
Office Security Engineering Tom Gallagher , David Conger This is a multipart presentation by engineers working on Microsoft Office security. The first part ... Security