CyberLondonConferenceV 2020 April 7, 2020 to April 7, 2020, London, UK

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
The Role of the Boardroom and CISO N/a “Can this happen to us”Creating a culture of SecurityBudget
Managing Privacy in a connected society N/a Privacy challenges in open dataPrivacy vs utility trade offUser defined privacy and data control
Panel Session: Post-Brexit implications for cyber security N/a The UK’s future obligations under the EU Cybersecurity ActInformation sharing across bordersIncident Handling
Panel Session: Cybersecurity and digitalisation – best practices for technology and the role of Cybersecurity N/a Sharing of informationSpeed of changeTraining of personnel
Security amongst cloud environments N/a Exploring Zero trustHandling the complexity when relying on many cloud (PaaS, SaaS) providersIdentity and access ...
Panel Session: How can regulation and the private sector work together to prevent Cyber-attacks? N/a GDPR/NISInnovative technologiesNew threat actors
Third Party Risk Management – Perennial Security and Privacy challenges N/a Planning and CommunicatingImplementation of frameworkCase Study
Panel Session: Recruitment, Retention and the skills gap N/a In house training and developmentRole of GovernmentPace of change
Panel Session: Fear and Cyber in an Agile defined world N/a CloudSDN journeyTop tips